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  1. konggary


    So I noticed that the character will half-sword while stabbing with the 2-hander swords, and this is great This technique is used to make the stab more powerful, useful against armored opponents. I was wondering if there would be some way to implement Mordschlag, or Murder Strike as an...
  2. konggary

    Check this out

    Swordy I like the art style.
  3. konggary Severe Bug

    Less than 1 second after launching the game, it crashes with this error: Tried 5 times, 100% consistency. Opting in/out of beta branch does not fix it.
  4. konggary

    Looking for a game to anticipate?

    I would assume that since you are at the BM forums, you are a fan of: Medieval games Unforgiving games Here's some games I've been following for some time now that you may want to look into Kingdom Come: Deliverance ETA: Summer 2016 Based on knighthood and...
  5. konggary

    Elimination mode

    Does anyone know how long you're supposed to last? I made it 6 opponents in before I was diced by a cleaver- the reward seems very low for that kind of endurance. I would almost rather see a mode where you earn money for each defeated opponent, earning slightly more as you go on as the...
  6. konggary


    Has anyone considered that this quote means that the undead will possibly get up after a while and seek out revenge? I will have to pay more attention to how I kill my enemies- I hope there is some indication for when you finish off an enemy, whether they're dead or just unconscious. The...
  7. konggary


    I have a few questions regarding the dialogue in SG: Will time "pause" while you're in a conversation? What if you're in combat and someone is saying something? How extensive will the player's options for responses be? (Looking at you, Fallout 4)
  8. konggary

    Regarding Level 4

    Spoilers, obviously Has anyone found out how to get to the other side of the gate we see in the beginning? Has anyone tried jumping in the pit?
  9. konggary

    [Bug] Unavoidable Death

    I was playing like normal, and to get to level 2 . After a little while in level 2, I decided to go back for a special item (I'm sure you know which one). To my surprise, when I double-clicked the door to go back to level 1, I got the message "unknown application error" and my character appeared...
  10. konggary

    New AI

    With the advent of the new AI, I experienced quite the awesome exchange. In level 1, I'd just entered the second (third) area after getting the first key, and was looting the small supply closets. Peeking out the door, I saw a woman with a 2-hand axe wandering the room. Trying to be peaceful, I...
  11. konggary

    Shield/Armor Physics

    After playing Exanima for some time now, one of the large things that bugs me is the shield system. I understand that it is unfinished and skills will be added later, but I have a somewhat broad question, mainly focused on the shields: Will there be degradation of armor and shields? Currently...


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