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    Do not be afraid.
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    Hello a few questions about Sui Generis

    Haha, just a joke. You just have a peculiar way of typing posts and it reminded me of a robot posing as a human. :p Specifically that you do not possess the trait of laziness when it comes to typing out DRM.
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    Oddities in levelling skills

    Oooh, so that is why I get free XP when I make a new character. I always thought that was some kind of bug that appears occasionally.
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    GURPS Fallout: Arizona (0/4 players)

    I wish there was a way to get started quicker! I tried reading the rules but it's just too much to process in such a short time. I'm still interested but I'm afraid I will not be able to have a character ready by tomorrow. Any luck finding more players?
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    GURPS Fallout: Arizona (0/4 players)

    Neat, this looks like really up my alley. I'd like to join but judging from past experiences it is difficult to play when you have such a big time difference. I am in the netherlands (GMT +2 hours). Two years ago I ran a one-shot on Roll20 for Call of Cthulhu. What is your intended play...
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    The Fan Art Thread!

    Very nice piece. I like this one a lot! It feels almost symbolic.
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    Diary of a dead man and Signs.

    Yeah, there was a game with a similar mechanic. A roguelike called IVAN. You could literally meet your old character with all your previous gear and fight him. If you managed to kill him you would retrieve all your old items.
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    Diary of a dead man and Signs.

    It broke my immersion seeing the same combination of words used exhaustively everywhere for comic effect.
  10. PipesOfMadness

    Diary of a dead man and Signs.

    Cool idea until you realize people will start drawing dicks and write very immersion breaking material. It makes the idea dead on arrival. Also, it would not really fit into the story. I would love this idea in a perfect world and a different narrative.
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    Character stops running after grazing walls

    Yeah it happens. Probably related to how the movement works. I bet they would've fixed it if it was an easy fix.
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    Music Thread

    I've got a treat for you guys. Put your volume on full blast!
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    Epic Sir Battle

    Dang. Even sir cannot stand up to your might.
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    Revised advanced combat tutorial.

    Excellent short tutorial. I didn't even know that you could execute a 3 hit combos so fast! Hopefully this will open some eyes. Well done.
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    Looks like it's darker and the contrast is upped a bit. Wouldn't I be able to get the same effect by tweaking screen options?
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    Robs Nice Bottle

    Wow, Rob got his own bottle!
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    Still a techdemo?

    So eccentric, deep and sophisticated.
  18. PipesOfMadness

    Still a techdemo?

    Is this post suppose to be taken seriously? Learn some manners. Sounds like you should be concentrating on other parts of your life right now.


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