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  1. CandleStickZombie

    Dissapearing chain coif?

    I'm not sure of this was intentional but when I wear adept level helms the chain coif disappears from around the neck. This sucks because that is the only reason I wear a coif, so my neck does not get slashed. If it is intentional, please make leather/steel/chain neck guards. I think they are...
  2. CandleStickZombie

    [BUG] turn into puddle

    Ok if it happens again I'll post a pic. Recently in arena my main died so I made new guy. In my first match, elimination, everything was fine until I equiped someone else's weapon. The weapon was inisible and my guy began to stretch and move grossly. I hit the next match button hopeing to fix...
  3. CandleStickZombie

    Formation and Movement

    OK, i haven't seen on the forums where anyone has talked in depth about this and it maybe a bit early as this applies more to Sui Generis. So as we know there will not be large scale combat but there will be small armies and forces about in the world. What i have learned so far from Exanima is...
  4. CandleStickZombie

    Please, i need fresh air

    I know the devs have promised to add outdoor areas in the future, but is there any way you could make a small garden or something in the arena lobby or add a few outdoor fights like a small courtyard or a clearing in a forrest? I know it's a little weird to ask, but I can't play 20 minutes...
  5. CandleStickZombie

    :spoilers: crystal powers

    Ok we all know by now that the blue crystal when put into a weapon gives it shock power, and I just found out that a green crystal in the mask will heal mortal damage. Any idea what the Amber ones do?
  6. CandleStickZombie

    Im super stuck, literally...

    Ok, I was fighting the gollums like a true man, crouched and trying to lure them to me near a big fire. One of them decided to trample me apparently and I got wedged under the firepit. I am currently floundering like a fish as I have been for the last 10 minutes. Help or please make a way I can...
  7. CandleStickZombie

    Camera is too far back

    I'm not sure if the last mini update did this or not, but dang I can't zoom in as much as I used to. I think the camera needs to be able to zoom in allot more, it helps a whole lot in combat and the game looks great (blood especially) up close. I really want the limit to be ajusted! :update...
  8. CandleStickZombie

    Race Presentation: Goblins

    Ok, so this to see if I can get a race into the world we know so little about Goblins So my idea of them is not the stereotype they are usually under. I depict them as an older type of human, like the Neanderthal. Though not less intellegent or creative, they have a natural lack of ambition...
  9. CandleStickZombie

    Animals+Animal nature/Pulling and pushing

    Ok, im sure the title is a little weird but I will try to clarify. starting off, I saw where the devs mentioned some stuff about animals but said he didn't want stuff like aggressive wolf packs,(I guess meaning not random skyrim wolfs attacking) but I was wondering if animals, like say a wolf...


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