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  1. Murf

    Streaming early beta patch.

    Streaming the early beta test for this DOES NOT represent what the public will get or
  2. Murf

    Epic Sir Battle

    WARNING!! This video contains content from the latest update, if you want ti all to remain a mystery, do not watch.
  3. Murf

    Dead by Daylight

    This game is coming soon. 5 person co-op. 1 Killer (using 1st person view) and 4 Survivors (Using 3rd person view) Killers goal is obviously to kill them all. The 4 have to survive and escape. Different killers will have different perks and abilities. The survivors also have different...
  4. Murf

    Streaming for a little while (Story mode from beginning)

    Come on by.
  5. Murf

    Streaming -- hirelings, thrusts, etc

    Streaming test patch with thrusts, which are a WIP, no judging. ;)
  6. Murf

    Streaming Blood patch

    Come on by
  7. Murf

    Streaming! Key giveaway today

    I will start a stream tomorrow at 1pm CST (-6GMT), sometime during that stream I'll be giving away an Exanima key. You can watch the stream on either twitch or Beam, whatever you prefer, No worries about the chats not crossing over and you missing out. Everyone will have chance to win (if...
  8. Murf

    Streaming upcoming Arena update.

    Stop on in and take a look, it's def. Beta right now as some of the KS backers are helping with testing and such, but if ya want to see what's coming up, come on by. Looks to be fun :) Streaming to both,
  9. Murf

    Streaming.. using Steam Controller

    Streaming in a few. Going to try out the Steam Controiller. Come to Beam or Twitch, your choice.
  10. Murf

    Streaming Post Portal Content *Spoilers* @12:15pm CST w/ Key Giveaways!

    Streaming for a little bit. Watchers choice, streaming to both simultaneously.
  11. Murf

    Old School Nintendo

    My old school is the Atari 2600, but I grew up with this too.
  12. Murf

    Superwide desk mat $15 plus shipping on Massdrop
  13. Murf

    Damn it! Don't you NEVER turn your back on a clown when he's talking to you!

    Felt like it was killing time. Little did I know. Oh and @Madoc , you'll notice @ about 1:28 in, the first zombie I sent to the abyss made a miraculous escape from the clutches of whatever dwells in those gloomy depths.
  14. Murf

    Streaming .5.3 Warning spoilers

    Streaming the latest update, there will be spoilers in how to solve the puzzles, you have been warned.
  15. Murf

    Streaming soon to be released update!

    New content, skill system.
  16. Murf

    Streaming now! Key giveaway!

    Come on by, watch me get my butt kicked (haven't played in a little while). I will be giving away a key to some lucky person that doesn't have a copy yet.
  17. Murf

    Streaming on Beam Now w/ key giveaway!!

    Streaming on Beam @ 1pm CST Will be giving away a key! Join us! *today's stream inspired by @Faelivrin ;-)
  18. Murf

    Two birds with one stone!

    I have seen a lot of people request FPV (first person view), I have also seen requests for tablet versions of the game. These requests mainly get met with 'what are you high?!', or 'Do you even code bro??' I have been amongst those pishawing those requests out of hand. Not even bothering to...
  19. Murf

    Stream with key giveaway NOW

    Running a little late, will start streaming at 1pm CST (20 min from now) Will give away a key to some lucky person that doesn't yet have a copy.
  20. Murf

    Streaming now, Giving away two keys today!


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