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  1. Sneil

    What's taking so long?

    What's the latest Beta? And I should head over to discord. Whenever I check it out I dont see much activity from any of the devs. Maybe I'm not in the actual insider section over there then. Actually, looking in there, I am locked out of the insider section.. I'll have to send him...
  2. Sneil

    What's taking so long?

    But, let's be honest here. What is out now could easily pass off as as sweet ass indie game already as is, so who's really to complain. Personally I gave these guys over $400 CAD to get the opportunity to use their design tools and create a level for the game. Having decent technical skills...
  3. Sneil

    What's taking so long?

    Last sign of life in the insider forums was Feb 21, 2018. And any sign from a developer was ages before that. Unless the devs decide to do something about it, I'd say the insider special access has been unofficially dead for over a year now. Unless I as an insider can declare it as official now..
  4. Sneil

    I feel ripped off and sad about Sui Generis

    Roundcakes finally decided to vote.
  5. Sneil

    So there's no thaumaturges on the Arena...

  6. Sneil

    Need more media!

  7. Sneil

    Buying into insiders / beta stream

    Yeah, you're not missing much on the insider forums these days. Been awefully quite in there for quite some time now... Don't stress over it, you're not missing out on anything really atm.
  8. Sneil

    Please, i need fresh air

    I hear ya. I'm very much looking forward to the outdoors, not sure if that'll be happening with Examina or not, however. A natural (or man made) grotto with some green growth here or there even inside the caverns would be quite refreshing. This and some real human dialogue. I'm craving both...
  9. Sneil

    Zombis are just kindergarden "Sir, then golems then..."

    That was beautiful.
  10. Sneil

    Three ribbon door!

    I could use a hand myself.
  11. Sneil

    [SPOILER] Weapon Sound Suggestion

    An excellent idea!
  12. Sneil

    Character stops running after grazing walls

    Yeah, Ive really noticed it a lot after this latest update. Seems to have gotten worse with this one.
  13. Sneil


    It was released to insiders. Not sure about non-insiders, check your account.
  14. Sneil

    Chronicles of Elyria

    I agree, however one thing to consider is the size of their team. I was impressed to see it being as large as it is, so with decent manpower there is a fairly decent chance of most of these things being accomplished.
  15. Sneil

    Finally killed sir!! :o

    Well done. Well done.
  16. Sneil

    Profile pictures Thread

    Made my cyclops in Z-brush! Was hoping Madoc would adopt him into Sui Generis as a big baddie, ah well. Maybe he was a little too good looking and Madoc was just jealous of his robust figure.
  17. Sneil


    Sorry for the slow response. I checked those out and they look pretty sweet, I'll give em a go. Ive ben gaming since the early 90s (Nintendo mario, original Command and Conquers) and I think I'm gamed out. These simpler games are the ones I seem to enjoy more now, and the uniqueness of...
  18. Sneil


    Yea, I hear ya. I like it for it's simplicity. I can sit back and enjoy without having to invest too much of myself into the game. Sometimes those are the games I like best.
  19. Sneil


    It's out today! Anyone else been looking forward to this one? I've been waiting since about December. A cute light hearted puzzle/adventure side-scroll game. The visuals are absolutely stunning, and the gameplay is very enjoyable. Anyone else playing? If not, I'd highly recommend you do!
  20. Sneil

    Brightness of the torch

    Yikes! You must have some real issues looking at a white browser window then!:D:rolleyes:


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