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  1. fluffydino2000

    NWN 2, Multi Party Mode?

    I recently bought Neverwinter Nights 2. Me and my friend want to play online in two separate parties but we have no idea how. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. fluffydino2000

    7500 Backers!

    Just wanted to say congrats on hitting 7,500 backers. Who knows, we might be playing the alpha by the time we hit 10,000.
  3. fluffydino2000

    Procedural Generation

    This has been discussed briefly in other threads but I figure it's a big topic that has lots of points of discussion. Also, let me point out that I'm well aware that Sui Generis won't be procedurally generated. Excluding procedural terrain generation in the editor and procedural animations of...
  4. fluffydino2000

    Item Descriptions

    I just had an idea about Item Descriptions that I thought I'd share. Will item descriptions be affected by events in the game? What I mean is, will there be any kind of "physical record" of events in the game that can be conveyed by item descriptions or inspection. So, for example, if you were...
  5. fluffydino2000

    Stealing and Pickpocketing

    Stealing is something that has been discussed in the past and is one of those things that I think everyone is assuming will be in the game. Pickpocketing, on the other hand, has been mentioned twice in passing and never really been discussed. So, how do people like these mechanics to work? Do...
  6. fluffydino2000

    Item Durability and Repair

    It's been discussed in passing but not properly so I figured I'd make the thread. What are everyone's opinions on this mechanic? What is the best way to execute it? Repair Hammers, Smiths, Workbenches, ore requirements? Also, what do you think is the best way for weapons to break? Should...
  7. fluffydino2000

    Steam Controller

    If you don't already know what this is, . I was pretty much wondering how well the team think this sort of controller would work with Sui Generis' current control scheme? Maybe there are simple adaptations you guys have thought of which...
  8. fluffydino2000


    One assumes there will be Literature in Sui Generis, but I thought it might be a fun topic to discuss. An interesting idea I just had is that, since the games storyline could end up being anything (within reason) that the developers haven't intended. Maybe, you somehow remove yourself from it...
  9. fluffydino2000

    Access to your pledges.

    I know it's a small problem, but accessing the page where you can see dev videos isn't that easy. Just thought I'd point it out since I doubt you guys ever have to access that page. Maybe just a button the bar at the bottom which says Home|About|Media|Contributions|Forums|Contact Us.
  10. fluffydino2000

    Are Brendan and Kieran Brothers?

    I just noticed that Brendan and Kieran share the same last name, Hucker, and wondered if you guys were related? I assume that if you are you're either siblings or cousins.
  11. fluffydino2000

    Loot and Economy

    As Dragonmir rightfully said in the Ecosystem thread, we probably should have a thread dedictated to the looting and economy mechanics. The first thing that I don't think has been discussed elsewhere in this topic is locked chests (which Dragonmir also brought up). So, what kind of locking...
  12. fluffydino2000


    What kinds of perks do we see in Sui Generis? The two examples we have are defensive fighting and dual wielding for light weapons. Do these give passive bonuses, or unlock new abilities? We also know that a choice of preferred weapon may be a perk, what will this achieve? Does it change your...
  13. fluffydino2000


    I was just wondering when we'll get Bethian's great music if we've pledged £20 or more? Will it be released in a WIP state before the game's release? To me it would seem silly to have half of it being able to be heard in it's state during the alpha and not have it available for download at that...
  14. fluffydino2000

    Will this game be shown off?

    Is this game gonna be displayed anywhere at any exhibitions or anything like that? If so when and where? PAX maybe or GDC? Just wondering iif these avenues will be used to reach bigger audiences.
  15. fluffydino2000

    Ideas for Stretch Goals and/or Expansions

    I know what you're thinking, the game is still pre-alpha, you're getting ahead of yourself thinking about expansions but hear me out. With the thread about a second kickstarter going on currently, I thought it might be a good idea to pool our ideas for little things we don't necessarily want to...
  16. fluffydino2000

    Playing As Other Races

    This I must point out is not a request or suggestion for playable non-human races. I noticed watching the pre-alpha combat video again that it seems when porky is fighting a skeleton, porky is being controlled by someone. This is because the cursor is moved as if attacking as porky and you can...
  17. fluffydino2000

    Alternate control schemes.

    I recently considered the possibility for Razor Hydra support for this game and wondered if it would be possible. The motion support would obviously be used for combat, and I wonder how effective it would be. If the player controls the hands and feet (hands with motion, joystick replacing the...
  18. fluffydino2000

    Battle Size

    How large can we expect to see the battles in this game? Will be seeing M&B sized sieges with 200 people or will we see smaller skirmishes with no more than 20 combatants, or will it be somewhere in between? Obviously the average battle won't have the max enemies in, but will the max be? Also...
  19. fluffydino2000


    The forms of thaumaturgy currently planned are: Displacement Energy Light Body Mind Force Based on this, what possible effects do you think we can create? Remembering that "You will initially have a basic command of your power, using it in its simplest form. With time you will learn more...
  20. fluffydino2000

    Being Drunk

    I must clearly state, I do not think the characters look drunk while fighting. However, the viewpoint did raise a particular thought in my mind. Will drunkenness be in the game? I think it could be a great dynamic - offer someone a drink, get them talking, then mug 'em outside when they tell...


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