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  1. RobG

    Terraria server today

    yo couple of us are playing on a terraria server today, be cool to get a few more people, give me a shout on steam (Old Leafy Beard) if you want in!
  2. RobG

    Prayers for exanima sinners

    Madoc Evans, who art in Siena, Hallowed be thy game, Thy game world will come, It will be done On Ardent as it is Give us this day our daily patch and forgive us for asking for retarded features As we forgive those who ask for cheaty save functions, and impossible camera shit Lead us...
  3. RobG

    Not Lolcats

    This is a thread for you lovely people to post anything you think is funny from the interwebs. Only one rule here NO CATS ALLOWED! (they go in the other thread) I will kick things off....
  4. RobG

    R.I.P Christopher Lee

    Just read Christopher Lee died today aged 93, sad news such an amazing actor and hammer horror legend.
  5. RobG

    Johnathon Strange and Mr Norrell

    was talking about this show to some people in a stream the other day, its really worth checking out if you like dark historical fantasy... magic, faeries, great acting, cool story. I recommend! "Jonathan Strange accesses ancient and troubling magic as...
  6. RobG

    Exanima Steam Key Giveaway

    Hello, Entry to this giveaway is now finished, thanks to everyone who entered! Winner announced tomorrow and good luck with Murfs stream
  7. RobG

    Streaming here today and tomorrow
  8. RobG

    Combat Tutorial

    Edited this post as, based on feedback, I slightly changed my approach. I have linked the first video of a tutorial playlist I will be continuing to add to. Currently have videos on blocking, movement, assessing the enemy, backhand attacks and momentum. More will come! Here is the link for...
  9. RobG

    Inside number 9

    Don't know if anyone has been watching this, I'm a massive league of gentlemen/psychoville fan and I just finished watching the latest 'inside number 9' which is done by two of the same guys (Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith) This one is about two witchfinders putting an old woman on trial...
  10. RobG

    T is for torch

    Just another one from me on a minor thing I find a little awkward, and a suggestion. I've mentioned it before but I will try and bear in mind the feedback I got that time with this. Swapping from exploring with a torch to combat often results in me running in circles desperately trying to drop...
  11. RobG

    Sausage rolls

    Hi! Just a quick comment from me about falling over, it feels a little like watching a movie of my guy painstakingly fall then stand up, seemingly unaware of the sledge hammer advancing rapidly on his being. Every other aspect of controlling my guy I've grown accustom too and actually really...
  12. RobG

    Advice for a noobtuber

    Hi been enjoying doing my examina lets play however id quite like to progress in terms of video editing and giving things a slightly more polished feel. Can anyone recommend (pref free) software with easy intuitive video editing capabilities (fade ins, video merges, adding extra audio this sort...
  13. RobG

    Important question regarding zombies

    As we all know the inevitable zombie apocalypse we will most likely all soon experience requires as much thought and planning as possible. A heated debate on the subject between a friend and I regarding the inner workings of a zombie arouse and I am interested on some public opinion. Do zombies...
  14. RobG

    Exanima Gameplay

    Hi I've just started putting videos with commentary up on youtube. If you like that sort of thing or need some help with the early game it might be interesting to you :) Part 2 is up already, hopefully have one or two more up today. like and sub if you feel so inclined. Thanks!
  15. RobG

    Pillars of Eternity

    Anyone else playing it? Another game I've been waiting for years for and got to say its unbelievable how many bugs it has. Really Obsidian went on and on about how great it was being kick-started cause there is no time pressure and they can get things exactly how they wanted and the end product...
  16. RobG

    Secrets puzzles and challenges with a tiny chance of ever being found

    One of the things that really irritates me about huge in depth games is how quickly they are picked to pieces and every tiny detail of them is known within days of the release on a wiki. I'm hoping for mysteries that last and keeps the entire player base guessing or an item that's only...


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