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  1. Sneil


    It's out today! Anyone else been looking forward to this one? I've been waiting since about December. A cute light hearted puzzle/adventure side-scroll game. The visuals are absolutely stunning, and the gameplay is very enjoyable. Anyone else playing? If not, I'd highly recommend you do!
  2. Sneil

    Free lance graphic artists.

    Hi all, I was just curious if we have any graphic artists in the community that do freelance work and have much experience in the field. Curious as to what kind of money an artist generally makes. Im sure its a fairly competitive market to be in, but im wondering what I'd be looking at if I...
  3. Sneil

    Personal Project, a Sui Generis monster?

    Hello everyone, thought I'd post a little project Ive been working on and as you'll see is still a work in progress. I don't have any particular plans for the cyclops, just to fully texture, rig and animate the game res mesh. I might add it as a new monster for the Neverwinter Nights 2 online...
  4. Sneil

    New video?

    Any plans to whip up a new video for the kickstarter? I'm just anxious for this project to meet its goal, and I think a new video with perhaps non hostile NPC interaction and something demonstration a living breathing world would really go a long way. Even if is not entirely there yet, I'm...
  5. Sneil

    Design your own level reward.

    Hello! Currently I am the sole (three of us now) backer for the reward which allows one to get the opportunity to use the editor and design your own 60x60 area to be featured in the game. I am currently a level designer for a Neverwinter Nights 2 persistent world which has a very extensive and...


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