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  1. Primus

    More rough roads

    I got back home, but once again, I'm leaving, I'm packing up and moving to my dad's place where I was out for holidays. Finishing school and stuff out there, have a job lined up, have a car there already. FML. Have to pack computer in plastic tote box, and hope it doesn't get murdered by airport...
  2. Primus

    Rough roads ahead

    My father has just informed me that we will be driving cross canada trying to get to the end as fast as we can- 12 hours shifts for me and 20 hours shifts for him. Uh oh Help If i dont make it back Tony can have my computer to sell to help save up for his Focus RS
  3. Primus


    There is no member introductions part of this forum so I am doing it here You all probably don't know me from my youtube channe with a whole 4 videos on Exanima, or from the Steam Forums where I am usually getting mad at people over them asking to fix the camera. Anyway, I hope to be frequent...
  4. Primus

    Impression after 51 hours (0.5.2)

    So yeah, picked up this game the other day (May 15th, 2015), suffice to say it's a decent game. Uh.. There's really not much to say, interesting concept. Can't say i'm in LOVE with it because I'm head over heels for this game, it's literally the greatest game to ever be developed, and I must...
  5. Primus

    The Person Above Me - Forum Game

    You just say something about the person that posted above you, and then the person that posts next says something about you, and so on.. Start!!
  6. Primus

    Heroes Of The Storm/MOBA thread

    Anyone play HoTS or Dota or LoL? Just wondering, Im not big on Mobas but I find HoTS is fun for its 20 minute matches and streamlined features its just a lot more accessible.
  7. Primus

    SIGN UP TODAY!!!!!!

    Hey you! Do you like Sui Generis/Exanima? Do you frequently use facebook? Are your eyes baggy and black from spending nights upon nights playing Exanima, and hoping to play Sui Generis? Does the same happen because you do the same on Facebook? Well I've got the thing for you, get constant...


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