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  1. K.L.R.G.

    Undead Tavern Meeting ... (AI Bug?)

    I started from level 1 on and so far I enjoy some of the changes in the AI. But when I reached the tavern in level 2 (entering from south) a lot of undead just stood around, maybe blocking each other ... When I entered the tavern later from the east they seemed to walk around normally ... And...
  2. K.L.R.G.

    Stuck in the puzzle trap door area

    Okay, what am I missing this time? I played through the whole lever-trap-puzzle-section. And now I am at the end of it and their are no more reachable levers and only closed doors? I tried to get back, but the first door to the puzzle-section was locked anyway so I am stuck in these corridors...
  3. K.L.R.G.

    Is there any reason to not bash in zombie heads?

    After completing the game and some comments from Madoc about the zombie behaviour I started experimenting around a bit with the Zombie AI ... And at first I was impressed by the fact that the zombies in fact did not attack me if I only wielded a torch. Although I think it is very...
  4. K.L.R.G.

    First Impression Feetback

    Hello, I've purchased Exanima today immediately after seeing Skallagrims Video about it. And I have to say that I really like the combat approach. It's one of those systems that you have to practice forever to get good at, but that's fine by me (I'm a huge fan of the Soul's Games and the first...


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