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  1. Marius Voinescu

    Welcome to the Black Rose Tavern

    Welcome all to the White Rose Tavern a Forum based role play story open to all fans of Sui Generis, any one may make a entry and follow up lining up with the general story of the tavern and the missions given out by the guests and barkeep, there will be some rules but they are simply, and few in...
  2. Marius Voinescu

    The little game that should!

    Hello every one as some of you might know I'm a big fan of kickstarter and all rpg's I know this is the Sui Generis forum but I simply must tell you all of a little game that I think deserves your attention. Its called Balrum, and it is in the making by a two man team from Hungary, its a rpg...
  3. Marius Voinescu

    Gamer girls

    Im really curious to know how many fans of sui generis and other games are girls, If the game will come with a multiplayer id like to find some one charming to talk to and play with :D
  4. Marius Voinescu

    Help for a contest

    Hello every one, Im sorry this is NOT related to Forsaken Fortress, but Im participateing in a facebook give away contest for a medieval helmet that a ukranian blacksmith I know is making and I need your help. The one with the most "likes" on the "share" will win, and the contest ends 24 march I...
  5. Marius Voinescu

    Mounts and animals

    I know it will be difficult for the developers to make equine simulations and movement but they did mention in a past interview that they will make mounts for travel and such, my question is what kind of mounts will be see, just horses or also some other fantasy like creatures, and also what...
  6. Marius Voinescu

    Quest for the Holy Grail!

    The title sais it all! :eek: OR DOES IT? :rolleyes: Heres the thing ladyes and gentlemen, I know all of us here are rpg fans, hence we love role playing games, the developers them selves stated that they are fans of ultima and dungeons and dragons, and it is my great hope they may join in...


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