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  1. Boothie

    New Arena (v Beta)

    dont want to seem ungrateful but for the love of god can we get stabbing soon? Combat feels so incomplete without it.
  2. Boothie

    Dual wielding

    Actually it is not, to quote madoc "this game is NOT historical, I've said this many times now. It is not set in Europe nor is it set in the middle ages, it merely draws some inspiration from it.". Personally im not terribly invested in wether or not dualwielding makes it into the game but if...
  3. Boothie

    Exanima 0.4.3 Beta Released

    Played a bit more, i think i especially notice the difference when playing with sword and shield, a weapon set that previously just frustrated me =D. I do hope my success with it was not just because the AI hasnt been adjusted for the new changes =P.
  4. Boothie

    Exanima 0.4.2 Beta Released

    Thaumathurgy has yet to be implemented in the current build.
  5. Boothie

    Exanima 0.4.3 Beta Released

    well not much of a change overall, happy to hear that your laying the groundwork for a more substantial improvement of the combat system though =D. I truly cant wait for skills (and stabbing, i mean seriously madoc why cant we stab yet?)
  6. Boothie

    Exanima Combat Movement Changes

    So far a big improvement, ive always disliked it when games want me to doubletap to achieve a dodge or sprint as it feels very cumbersome to me and i love that we can dodge sideways now, something which i felt was missing before. If the game is too easy now i think there are two things to...
  7. Boothie

    Question from a new backer

    We dont have a releasedate, the beta is almost finished and with it the lifting of the NDA with a steamrelease to follow, expect it in the near future =D
  8. Boothie

    What's needed for a successful early access launch on Steam?

    Dont give a fig if the Dev videos were released, however i agree they might be a mite outdated and it would be best to show the game in its best and most recent iteration.
  9. Boothie

    Welcome to the Black Rose Tavern

    John glanced around while waiting for Wills reply, observing that the hooded figure had demasked himself revealing a face not so much a face as a mass of beard and hair revealing occasional pieces of face. Sniggering at the quivering lad who had just tripped while ogling the barwench, as the...
  10. Boothie

    Welcome to the Black Rose Tavern

    Four i believe answered John, last time was in Willowbrook when we worked that gig for the mayor. So what are you doing in this shithole? Got a job lined up? got a bad run of late and could use backup. Since your in this dump you're in the same seat, correct? Mary sends here love by the way.
  11. Boothie

    Welcome to the Black Rose Tavern

    John took a glance round to inspect the other patrons of what he considers a rather sordid inn, but as the saying goes: Beggars cant be choosers and John is so far down on his luck that mudworms are above him. In the corner closest to the door is... a man? a woman?.. the strangers cloak makes it...
  12. Boothie

    Welcome to the Black Rose Tavern

    Oi barkeep, give me a mug of whatever swill passes for wine in these parts! And while your at it get me your cheapest room for the three coming nights. (first time roleplaying like this so give me a break if the start was a bit weak)
  13. Boothie

    Update #30

    aslong as 60£ stockings get some too
  14. Boothie

    The Fan Art Thread!

    wow amazing. were you inspired by path of exile possibly?
  15. Boothie

    Swordy Physics based Sword swinging

    ah my bad, perhaps a mod could move it? =D
  16. Boothie

    Swordy Physics based Sword swinging

    Obviously going for a massively different tone than Sui Generis but i thought it was interesting since the games do have something in common
  17. Boothie

    Donated, Can I still play the combat alpha?

    September madoc said but we cant really rule out that there may be delays
  18. Boothie

    The Fan Art Thread!

    Sorry ended up making one myselef anyways =D, still like urs tho, option A looks glorious
  19. Boothie

    The Fan Art Thread!

    nice =D, could i have a lion or an eagle in a spacesuit too? pretty please, with cherries on top.


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