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  1. HypocriticalSituation

    Breakable, Interactive Environment

    Now, when I say 'breakable, interactive environment', I mean breakable doors or even possibly walls. Many factors can play into this, such as this ability being exclusive to ogres or larger creatures, but I feel like it'd be amazing to be looting a dungeon room clad in your knightly armor to...
  2. HypocriticalSituation

    "Choke up" on weapons

    I'm not very good at wording ideas, but would it be complicated to add a game feature which allows you to either choke up (if this is what you even call it) or "choke down" a weapon handle? For instance, if you have a halberd and were going to enter an enclosed space such as a hallway, I believe...
  3. HypocriticalSituation

    Slow-Motion in Arena? Thaumaturgy!?!?!?!?

    Okay, so, I've been thoroughly enjoying the recent update and orgasming all over the new gear, jackets especially! When I hopped on today, I went into an elimination match on Adept, which is the first time I've ever actually hit this rank (embarassingly) with 168 hours logged lol. Anyways, I...
  4. HypocriticalSituation


    Hi, all, I just got the new update and it's honestly the only game I can stay hyped for for over 6 months. Enjoying it every bit. Anyways, I was wondering a bit about bows or crossbows and I'm assuming they will most definitely add them, so I wanted to know how do any of you think it'll work...
  5. HypocriticalSituation

    Different Eye Colors

    A friend introduced me to the game right in time for summer and getting out of school, so I decided to buy it over steam, only to find a week later I've sunk about 40 hours into it. It's really, really addicting and I'm pretty much obsessed with everything; from thaumaturgy (even though I can't...


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