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  1. zhuliks

    You missed the thing.

    There was a thing here.
  2. zhuliks

    Hammerfight - basically 2D Exanima...kind of.

    Hammerfight is a game where you control a small flying ship that has a weapon attached to it. There are no attack buttons or anything like it, you just control where the ship flies with a mouse, rest is physics. Put a huge ball of steel hanging on a chain to your ship and then swing it with...
  3. zhuliks

    I can't believe this worked.

    I thought it was supposed to be a joke. Was messing around in arena base for a while and noticed a key on the ground. I am sure there wasnt any keys as I scouted each inch of the base searching for more easter eggs. Tried several saves, wasn't on the floor anymore, then I started to do a very...
  4. zhuliks

    Error processing AI Opponent (0.6.1.b)

    It's several bugs actually It all started when I burned 1 character in arena headquarters fireplace - After that I started new game from escape menu and created different character - That different character died, I went into main menu and chose continue arena and what do i see, burned...
  5. zhuliks

    Personal message from Santa himself to ya all!

    Santa Clause Sirta Claws came here to personally congratulate you!
  6. zhuliks

    Bare mettle saved my life!

    So basically the story: Recently I moved to a different part of the city and wasn't much familiar with the neighborhood, it's a decent part of the city with nice places not far from the center and it's pleasant here in the mornings. However just few moments ago I realized I need some food and...
  7. zhuliks

    [SUGGESTION] Concentration/Thaumaturgy bar

    IN one of Robs streams Madoc mentioned that the most dangerous enemies are thaumaturgy mages for obvious reasons and they currently have them able to cast spells while prone. Because casting is thought based it requires concentration, which I assume blue bar is, so I was thinking how it could...
  8. zhuliks


    Recently I started to notice certain pattern in random insider avatar on forums. While scattered all around the forums they are invisible, they never are seen in the same thread together, but look what happens when I put them together: There is a certain theme here, but you could just say they...
  9. zhuliks

    Can we have ignored/abandoned threads from insider forums thrown here for us plebs to finish?

    I mean if you aren't going to comment them we peasants dont mind second hand things. Its not like I'm asking to give us fresh info, just anything touched by insider elite.
  10. zhuliks

    Did you know there is a hidden minigame in Exanima?

    Game pieces are scattered across all levels but I managed to get them all. Unfortunately zombies are quite bad at chess. Yes, there are theese two as well, but they are almost unplayable
  11. zhuliks

    A video concerning physics based muscle animation.

    Its rather old-ish, you have probably seen it, but still would be great if animations in the game could be improved by the creatures themselves as in that video rather than tweaking them manually. Here it is
  12. zhuliks

    Battle Arena Fashion Show 2015!

    Guis, guis! There are already campagn loot bragging thread, but I have a much better idea. We are forgetting what possibilities no slot inventory gives us - huge number of combinations! So go to the arena to gather the most fncy pieces and assemble your ultimate avatar! My 1st entry is a...
  13. zhuliks

    [Suggestion] Skills for prone position.

    However good you play there will come a time you will be hugging floor while enemies are all around. So I thought after watching some arena videos wouldnt it be nice to have a combat skill to roll sideways or hold mouse button to block overheads while prone (and roll on your back before...
  14. zhuliks

    You all praise the two games for unique physics, but forget another great thing.

    Its pretty rare for modern rpg's to have items that look like they work, being defined by functionality and thus look beautiful. Sure there is a place for ornamentation and such, but those things shouldnt come before functionality. things like theese should only come in nightmares: So I...


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