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  1. Syllabear3


    Thats it for me, enjoy ur maps kids.
  2. Syllabear3

    Shields are broken.

    I finally decided to make a shield user character and i can say its totally broken... with the right steps you can even bash them to the floor. There is absolute no chance that an human can be defeated using shield right now. Sometimes even npc can handle you because there are no openings. Look...
  3. Syllabear3

    Ask Lars about archery.

    Its over, Lars getting more and more recognition and trolls can't do anything about it with their shitty refutation vids and low trolling.
  4. Syllabear3

    Left arm holding torch is broken.

    Just that. Oh actually is the left arm broken, bending in the wrong place.
  5. Syllabear3

    Spoiler thread.

    WARNING: if you get your game spoiled is your own fault for checking this thread. I do not care much because i just want to kill moving things and try new armors. So i am exploring this new area and i noticed that some spiders near the fountain are glowing... i actually have no idea what i did...
  6. Syllabear3

    "Secret" helm suggestion.

    Please, increase its light and light radious because it damages the eyes... you are constantly forcing your sight to search in the light blueish dark screen and thats NOT good.
  7. Syllabear3

    Weapons blocking.

    I am not an expert in combat but i can sense when something is not fiting... so here is my question: to what degree can small weapon like daggers, 1h swords or such block hammers, poles and other kind of heavy and long weapons? Should small weapon users like stagger or get their guard bypassed...
  8. Syllabear3

    In your face saitama.

    He face fall and blocked TWO-hits and instanty attacked while standing up LOL. Its okay to make ai harder but making it do impossible thing wont help.
  9. Syllabear3

    Smoother movements.

    Characters on combat make huge steps really fast, and they move like drunken equilibrists. This is getting really annoying to land proper blows... cant really give advice on how to do fix this but is really affecting gameplay. Maybe shorter steps, delay on steping back and forth, smooth walking...
  10. Syllabear3

    Companion betrayal?

    He just axed me to death WTF.
  11. Syllabear3

    New trick for your game from an archer god.

    For taking enemies around a corner, amazing. Multishot. Enjoy.
  12. Syllabear3

    "Must have" clothing and armor thread.

    It can be from esthetic to protection, but it has to be something that you completly need in the game to dress on your character. Maybe it has been mentioned but i really want a It doesn't really need to be this good -no neck or ears or symbols-... but a half ninja mask with no defense (or...
  13. Syllabear3


    What kind of sorcery is this
  14. Syllabear3

    Inventory and inventory ideas...

    Right now inventory is getting really uncomfortable. Both because of the limit of things that you can carry and the space of them without any kind of guide (not to mention the bugs that make things disappear). One of my ideas is that items cant overlap each other, they cant be one upside on...
  15. Syllabear3

    Failed to load container item.

    Ive made yet another character and weird stuff started to happen... like i couldnt add items to the inventory and then this First time this message pops up. Equiping new armor/weapons made the ones i was wearing to go to the inventory, thats how ive been using it. update: Now instead that...
  16. Syllabear3

    Regarding AI again.

    AI should sense when it has the advantage, be in armor, hp, etc. and be more agressive to finish you off quicker.
  17. Syllabear3

    Repairing armor and armor usage.

    So ive been thinking about this... there will be any armor repair? Ive been thinking about armour usage too... armour is a big advantage in a fight (pretty obvious), so to stop this train wreck using armour should be expensive. I think it should be used in special moments like fighting a boss...
  18. Syllabear3


    I think it was already discused somewhere (too lazy to look for it), but i am doing another thread anyways. All related to body is already set when you create a new character, but what about other factors like "luck", "reflexes", "casting", "spelling", "energy" etc. (just ideas)??? Could we...
  19. Syllabear3

    A bit of autism about rolles, balance and character anatomy justice.

    I still seeing this and kinda piss me really off... max str characters handling heavy weapons very slow. They have enough strength to handle heavy stuff ( like heavy armors, mace, poles), yet they seem to strugle like the weakest character would (and should) struggle because of the lack of...
  20. Syllabear3

    Big hole in the AI?

    There is something that is bothering me, somehow: ai only blocks if you keep your button pressed when attacking. If you release the button moments before the attack conects with your oponent, they will get hit because they release their defense (to counter attack?). It doesnt really work 100%...


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