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  1. Skidus

    Most frustrating experience I've ever had in 20 years of gaming lol

    The hardest thing in the world is for a developer to understand how hard their game is for a new player. The reason for this is the developer is brill at their game, knows all the rules, knows all the hints, knows all the pit falls and can't understand the frustration someone new is...
  2. Skidus

    New Arena (v Beta)

    More Inventory Hi. I didn't play dolls as a kid but now seem to spend ages dressing and undressing dolls in the character menu. Would it be possible to have boxes, side of the character showing what is been worn. i.e. garments / armour, under other garments/armour, what can't be seen? E.g. I...
  3. Skidus

    New Arena (v Beta)

    Burgzaza Thanks for the quick reply. This explains why my characters are not advancing but it makes no scenes to allow change halfway through training! By all means allow players to change their mind but once the choice is made the characters skill should be locked until training complete. This...
  4. Skidus

    New Arena (v Beta)

    Thanks for adding notes to explain the inventory system in the new arena. I now am struggling to understand the skill aspect of the characters. I think this needs working. When a skill is learned it should not be forgotten, (as when I press on a skill button). I click onto the buttons to try to...
  5. Skidus

    New Arena (v Beta)

    Hi Eddie.. Thanks for the reply. This has helped me understand the complex inventory system but there are still problems. I have equipped my character in all ranks but when I go back to the outside shop room my boots are missing. This is just an example. Sometimes all clothes are missing but...
  6. Skidus

    New Arena (v Beta)

    Inventory. What's going on here. One minute I have cloths and weapons ....... enter arena and they are missing. I go into manage character and my stuff is in different boxes. Nothing seams to make sense. I should be able to drag and drop my kit either into my inventory, arsenal or drop on to...
  7. Skidus

    User interface.

    Please please please may We have a try again button in the arena after being kill. One click reincarnation in stead of 4 or 5. When you get killed as often as I do this will save hundred of clicks Thanks.........


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