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  1. Grytzen

    Coffee Diary 2/12/19

    Nice! Will we ever be able to gather snippets or fragments of thoughts, memories or feelings either of NPCS or areas as "readable" items or dialogue through thaumaturgy? Would be interesting to get parts of lore or backgrounds that way...
  2. Grytzen

    Coffee Diary 18/11/19

    @Zetheros Gotcha! Thanks. Have you guys seen Steam´s LAN play feature where LAN can be emulated through Steam´s servers? Would this be useful for Exanima´s/SG´s Multiplayer? Cheers!
  3. Grytzen

    Coffee Diary 18/11/19

    Hello! Does the engine autospawn objects related to certain ground materials (e.g. stones for rocky ground materials or grass/fiolage for grassy or nature ground materials)? I have found that such futures can actually cause frustration as an artist due to stutter in production.
  4. Grytzen

    Coffee Diary 11/11/19

    Nice! Keep on trucking with the excellent work fellas!
  5. Grytzen

    Coffee Diary 4/11/19

    Thank you for your reply and yeah, completely understandable! Thanks for the reply and looking forward for seeing such systems ingame. I feel I need to add that my latter example of Derrin with Spear was an example more considered a "dream mechanic". I assume that such complex systems wouldn´t...
  6. Grytzen

    Coffee Diary 4/11/19

    Nice! Sounds like the next update is ever closer. Any word on "contextual commands" for your companions? e.g., Tell them to stay behind you, switch weapons, or take a certain combat stance or style. It would be nice to tell Derrin to equip his spear, stay behind you and go for stabbing attacks.


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