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  1. Iscandar

    Character Turn Speed Sensitivity Slider

    I'm a little late to the party for this one. I haven't played Exanima in a while. Within the last few patches, the swing cap was unlocked a little further, allowing for much wider swings than before. This is a good change considering it allows a greater range of motion for all weapons. However...
  2. Iscandar

    Physique Code Saving

    I understand that characters will eventually be savable, but what if I want to share a particularly effective physique in a guide or on the forums? Mass Effect has a system where you can edit your character's face by changing a bunch of values, generating a coordinate code that can be copied...
  3. Iscandar

    Post Your Favorite Character

    By now I'm certain most people have created their ideal character. I'd like people to use this thread to display and trade their favorite avatars, giving insight into the thought processes behind their creation. Let me start off by giving the format...
  4. Iscandar

    One Handed Weapons Weaker

    In this latest patch, one handed weapons can't even hold a candle to the two handed swords, which also happened to be buffed. I don't see any reason why you'd use sword and shield rather than a two handed sword. The swing speed is roughly the same despite the two hander having greater damage...
  5. Iscandar

    Gaps in Armor?

    I've been using the two-handed sword extensively in the Expert Arena and have noticed that on the last 3 opponents, whom are in full plate, appear to have gaps in their armor, or some kind of mechanic to simulate this. I'm not referring to visible gaps like the back of the leg, under the...
  6. Iscandar

    Polearms are Unnecessarily Deceptive

    Polearms are some of the strangest and most unpredictable weapons to fight in the game. I believe this is purely because the animations have no smooth transitions, either being incredibly slow or incredibly fast. This has lead to many circumstances where the attacks were nearly impossible to...
  7. Iscandar

    Leaked Sui Generis Build

    Apparently someone by the handle of "ErikStroberg76" has leaked a build of Sui Generis onto youtube. There's a video that links to a torrent website and has the build in a zipped file. I downloaded it out of curiously and I have to say, even though it's really fun so far considering how...
  8. Iscandar

    Swing Height Randomization

    Scenario 1: My footwork is excellent. My timing is right. My direction is correct. My attack is accelerated and will hit first. All the pieces are in place, but gasp, no! I've completely overshot the swing clear past his head! Wham, gush, now I'm dead. How could you have missed someone so tall...
  9. Iscandar

    Active Damage While Running Bug

    I've recently discovered a bug that allows the damage state of a weapon to remain active indefinitely. If you swing, reach the apex of the swing where it will deal full damage, then immediately right click to run, the damage state will remain active. This allows weapons to deal full damage...


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