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  1. J

    New Arena (v Beta)

    Get the iron-shod staff if you get the chance. Best of both worlds!
  2. J

    What's Next?

    PvP/Co-op Steam controller support Procedural weapons My top three hype items on this list. Will there be general controller support as well or just the Steam controller?
  3. J

    Food and effects on physique

    Fair enough. I won't argue with you. Simply throwing out ideas and thoughts.
  4. J

    Food and effects on physique

    Well, sure! I'm not arguing about that, just thinking out of a gameplay perspective. I can't imagine the game being a 100% realistic. But you do have a point that it might be the way too go, if we are talking about Exanima. I should have clarified that I actually was thinking about Sui Generis...
  5. J

    Food and effects on physique

    Food having an impact on gameplay is a neat idea. The first thing that comes too my mind is not making it mandatory for survival or having you micro it. I'd think it be cool too have food being the only way too heal permanent damage, but making it really slow too avoid a regen potion effect...
  6. J

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Just throwing this out there: Anyone have any thoughts on cosmetic moves like taunts and such? Be nice to see opponents banging swords against their shields or doing a (for lack of a better word) wristspin with a weapon.
  7. J

    Exanima gaining traction!

    I actually never made the distinction. Are they really going too be standalone games or a game with different "campaigns" like, for example: Neverwinter Nights? And if they are in fact standalone, will the have different businessmodels after release for those that haven't backed it or will they...
  8. J

    Exanima gaining traction!

    Thats a fair point and I can respect that. Just sayin', don't take it personally. I can't speak for anybody else in here but I don't think anyone want's too make you feel like you suck or that they are better then you. I think that's a good idea, and when you feel that you are getting better...
  9. J

    Exanima gaining traction!

    Well, if you are doing something that clearly doesn't work, then you are per definition doing it wrong. It's not a personal attack, it's just a fact. Most people in here saying those sort of things have been playing the game since the early combat alphas. I've been here since the beginning and I...


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