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    I feel ripped off and sad about Sui Generis

    I would just like to know where we're at with Sui Generis. I dont feel ripped off yet, but I feel like Sui Generus won't actually be a thing that's ever delivered. Certainly not to the scope that it was idealized with.
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Being able to use some form of lightning spell/power to be able to electrocute water puddles would be awesome. Being able to use fire spells/powers to ignite wood/oil/something like that would also be awesome. Being able to use the "force push" power to propel world objects/items into NPC's to...
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    What's Next?

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    What's Next?

    I, too, can't wait! Sounds incredibly awesome! I especially love the procedurally generated NPC part and buy able equipment!
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    Can we have info about the develop progress?

    All Im saying is, if Sui G has the same love, care, and attention to detail that Exanima has, we are going to be in for a real treat. The only question is, will I still be in my 20's by then? ;D Definitely not a tech demo. A tech demo would have an arena which is about to be overhauled, and...
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    They may have scrapped the black iron golem?! He was so awesome! That was definitely the video that made me decide to back this game; watching the player get flung around by that giant morning star was the best! :D
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    Can we have info about the develop progress?

    I was half awake when I read that on my phone; I didnt think to look at insider status. Jesus man, why you always gotta bust my balls? lol
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    Can we have info about the develop progress?

    Unless he was an insider backer, in which case he essentially payed for both games.
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    Has anyone managed to make level 4 map yet? -possible spoilers-

    Wow. Very well done map, and looks cool as hell too!
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    0.6 Two handed sword swinging over enemy's head

    Im not saying your wrong. Im not saying everything changed. Im not saying nothing changed. Something changed, for sure, but not in relation to LtR swinging over heads. This has been a thing since the combat beta. Im saying that since the combat beta, you know, before exanima was even a concept...
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    Healing salves

    It sure looked like a troll, and the parch I found suggested either that or a demon, so I just figured it was a troll. My folly. Thanks, Ill keep an eye out for it then. These skele's are brutal. -,-
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    Healing salves

    Is there a healing salve in level 4? I have less than 25% health and... that.. troll.. oh my god! :'(
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    0.6 Two handed sword swinging over enemy's head

    Something definitely didnt change. Take it from me, I only ever used two handed swords since the combat beta, and two handed swords LtR have always swung over the enemy head. The trick is to not pivot your entire character while performing the strike. As in, when you do your LtR swing, dont...
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    New AI

    I had an incredibly hilarious moment I wish I would've been recording while I played... On level 2 somewhere in a room with large tables and stools scattered about, I had killed a few undead, and had been proceeded to be attacked by another. As I whittled this undead's health away, he turned to...
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    I cant believe Im just now seeing this video! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time, watching you steamroll that guy over and over! All Im saying is, if Sui Gen ever gets an adversarial mode, I refuse to fight you! :D
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    Alpha 0.6 Armor

    I don't mean to derail this thread, but I hate posting new threads for just one quick question. Does character height/weight/masculinity/fatness, etc have any actual impact on the player currently? If not, will it?
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    small request to make of the new monsters spawn atoms do not have one boring

    I got a really good laugh out of this. Thank you all. :D
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    Combat suggestions

    I agree with LTR attacks having its own keybind. As it stands, having to turn as far left as you do to be able to reliably perform that attack direction is just too compromising of maintaining a centered balance and stance towards an opponent.
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    Weapon sheath on the character?

    Or, perhaps we could have a sling connecting to both ends of our scabbards, and this sling would be worn around our torso diagonally?
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    Combat suggestions

    Whoops. Replied to my own post instead of editing.


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