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  1. Ickorus

    Quest Items

    Ok so we know the game is going to have quests in it which implies that it will have certain items specific to that quest, we also know that quests will be non-linear so those items could go to different people depending on how you want to influence events. What I'd like to know is will these...
  2. Ickorus

    Quest Logs

    From what I know of the game a more traditional style of quest log* would be fairly difficult to make due to the vast number of variables involved so I'm wondering how and even IF a quest log is going to be implemented at all. If there are no plans for a quest log in the game I would suggest...
  3. Ickorus

    The Witcher 3 Announced!

    The following is a direct copy-paste from the thread at The Escapist: Well it was only a matter of time when we would get info on Witcher 3, and it's finally here. The next game informer has gone out to digital subscribers and is chock full of some amazing info regarding W3. Source 1...


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