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  1. ChildrenofMana


    I found my first map! I was kind of surprised how big the level was. Points to improve: - Be able to see/write only the parts of the map you have actually seen. - Be able to put custom markers or comments on your map. ( Like locked doors, merchants, safe chests, monsters, traps, etc) - Be...
  2. ChildrenofMana

    Exanima 0.7.2 Released

    Thank you Bare Mettle, thank you for your announcement. I hope you are having a great time making this game. :D I am proud to play it alongside your updates and development.
  3. ChildrenofMana

    Will I ever play this game finished? Can I ask for a refund?

    I did not meant to be rude or condescending. I apologize. The meaning of "feelings" is not one to take lightly. Acknowledge of other feelings is the first step towards empathy. No matter how wrong or how misguided are your intentions or reasons, your feelings are the only thing you can be 100%...
  4. ChildrenofMana

    Will I ever play this game finished? Can I ask for a refund?

    Truth: The main page has not been updated in a long time. The most recent Official Video in the main page is from 2015. Awkward silence from developers in official webpage/ forums in general. Your feelings. False: Developers hope everyone forgets about the game and the money they...
  5. ChildrenofMana

    Smoother movements.

    I couldn't agree more, the feeling that the feet are supporting all the weight of the body, is lacking. However, this has been the case all along since I have been playing exanima (since 6.0). The main characteristic of the drunken/funky movement (in my humble non-technical opinion) is that the...
  6. ChildrenofMana

    Death animations / Pain animations

    First of all, thank BM for this game and all your efforts. I wanted to give feedback on the animations / reactions with the update 7.0.X. Maybe some of you have already thought that some death animations are not logical or accurate. (Some not all) Some enemies just stop moving an drop like a...
  7. ChildrenofMana

    Update imminent!

    Holy Sir! Madoc!! Thank you for reaching, thank you for making a game we love to play and have fun. Keep up the great work, great to hear you so passionate about it. Hoping that GOG updates are no so far behind steam ;)
  8. ChildrenofMana

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I really like the idea of yours that we could unlock "bonus" stats or hints from dialogue. This gameplay could be extended to have multiple uses, unlockable via dialogue ( and special circumstances) such as: * discovery of hidden recipes (dye, food, potions, poison, bombs), *...
  9. ChildrenofMana

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    I felt the same!, it looked like some bad modelled plaster wig. I wonder what is the BM art concept behind that @hat. Credit:
  10. ChildrenofMana

    What's taking so long?

    I really do understand you. I was once worried that my time of gaming will dwindle through the years. Getting a full time Job, entering a relationship, having kids, etc. You are right! However, as you might discover, it is the quality of the game that brings joy to your precious gaming time...
  11. ChildrenofMana

    What weapons would you like to see in the game?

    Not historical, but well placed in low-fantasy Medieval setting, I came up with this short list. Melee class: - A higher class of Quarterstaff, with spikes and iron ends for Aspirant and Novice. - Chain, like a normal forged chain for Inept and a weighted chain for Aspirant. - Shovel - Barbed...
  12. ChildrenofMana

    Quick Status Update

    I also purchased the game through GOG. Unfortunatelly the GOG updates are always late. Currently GOG version is lacking the latest patch. I will be no surprised if GOG delays the update for a week. If the magic and ranged system are implemented I will purchase the game again from BM directly to...
  13. ChildrenofMana

    Over a year and no update.

    I really like the tag "make exanima great again". Hilarious. On a more serious note, the update is just a couple of years weeks ahead, lets be patient!.
  14. ChildrenofMana

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Nicely written! I would like to see Exanima / Sui Generis to take an approach to dungeons like the original Diablo (1996). With the unknown feeling every time you start a new game with a new character. The excitement to click on a Bookshelf expecting an unknown magic tome or scroll! Even with...
  15. ChildrenofMana

    What's taking so long?

    Please do not assume that female or male has anything to do with customer service or their communication. Casting the above comment aside, we need to accept that Bare Mettle has other priorities than making weekly / monthly DEV announcements / blog. However, I share your feelings Syllabear3, I...
  16. ChildrenofMana

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Co-op for story mode and arena matches!
  17. ChildrenofMana

    Game Over.

    I wonder how the world is going to change if you die in Sui Genereris. Currently in Exanima, you die, it is game over if you have not reach the portal. It would be a good gameplay feature if you can "re-born" in a persistent world, so that your "new" Character can recover some of your Old...
  18. ChildrenofMana

    What's taking so long?

    What is the Pyro Update? Do you have any evidence? or it is just a heart beat?
  19. ChildrenofMana

    "Must have" clothing and armor thread.

    As other persons have asked before, I would like to see asymmetrical armour and clothing. Historically speaking similar to Roman Gladiators with one sided arm brace/shoulder and clothing. Roman mosaic (unknown source) Another Mosaic from the Villa Borghese. (Mosaic at the National...
  20. ChildrenofMana

    "Must have" clothing and armor thread.

    Are you joking right? Madoc himself explained Exanima (or SG for this matter) is at heart a low-fantasy game, Ogres makes perfect sense to me. Even Ogre armour could be a trophy for some adventurers along with a winged helm or Crown.


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