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  1. Ksarper

    Coffee Diary 13/6/22

    A good reason to get back into the game! Ty devs :) <3
  2. Ksarper

    Coffee Diary 16/5/22

    I can't wait to try out the new impact system! :) Indeed, sometimes a light blow causes unexpectedly a lot of damage...
  3. Ksarper

    Coffee Diary 7/3/22

    After you said that... I didn't even realize about how much I needed customization in Exanima. It's going to be awesome.
  4. Ksarper

    Coffee Diary 28/2/22

    It's always nice to hear news from you, I really admire your work, thank you!
  5. Ksarper

    Coffee Diary 21/2/22

    I'm really looking forward to the release of the story update! :D My biggest hope is a new NPC, it was a lot of fun to walk with villager through the dungeons and have dialogues with him...
  6. Ksarper

    Coffee Diary 20/12/21

    Thank you!
  7. Ksarper

    Coffee Diary 6/12/21

    Wish one day i'll play this masterpiece with my friend :)
  8. Ksarper

    Coffee Diary 27/9/21

    Thanks for the hard work!


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