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  1. Baba

    Coffee Diary 27/6/22

    Are you guys planning to make a system for saving the progress? :)
  2. Baba

    Coffee Diary 9/5/22

    This sounds complex and interesting. Are you guys planning to include some weapons like bows and crossbows in the future? I would like to be able to break things with my weapons like boxes and stuff in environment, maybe dismemberments too in body parts :oops:. Are you guys gonna improve the...
  3. Baba

    What weapons would you like to see in the game?

    Ballesta type weapons :)
  4. Baba

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I want to be able to break things with my weapon, wooden boxes, plates, bottles and whatever breakable items. All with this particle physics engine :)
  5. Baba

    Love the Game

    I was waiting for a game like this. I bougth this game on Steam and is one of my favorites


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