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    Thrusting Controls

    Maybe I am just crazy or terrible here. I have not been able to do anything even approximating a thrust. I have not scratched my enemies with a sword in anything but a swing. I have spent 10-20 minutes trying to get the mechanic working, but I just cannot seem to figure it out. When you hold...
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    New Arena Pacing/Balance

    I am noticing that the new arena setup is very easily grindable, but also that it punishes risk taking very harshly (potential for instant death on a mistake). This leads to it heavily encouraging that you just dont take risks and constantly beat on easy enemies until you have enough gear to...
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    Visual Contrast and Tone in play

    Alright, so I like this game. I enjoy the combat, and I feel the updates have been slowly improving it. I only ever play Arena mode. Seeing things in the standard game is a chore. The visuals all blur together, and are dark with low contrast. The game is straining on my eyes, and something...
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    Height/Weight Advantages

    I will list my currently understood advantages for height and weight. Tall: -Longer Reach -Longer Steps -Higher Crouch Height (less a difference than you would think though). -Harder to knock down (height prevents enemy leverage) -Easier to knock self down (Height creates less balance, longer...
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    Alter Swing Input/Timings

    I recommend the following: Increase the area of the backhand/left swing arch. Remove 'double swing' mechanic. Alter timings of swing, such that the second swing needs a second click to occur. Allow swings to be extended even further into presses when the mouse is continued on too long...
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    Skill System Ideas

    The goal here is to come up with ideas for the skill system that live up to the feel and mechanics of the game. Here are the ones I came up with, feel free to add. Hard Parry: With a firm wrist and a swift arm, parry strength is increased. This effectively decreases damage and the tendency...
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    In-Game Technique

    What have you guys learned about martial technique in-game? I suppose I will start with what I know. Fast Compact Swings One-handed weapons and light two handed weapons are capable of fast compact swings, exceeding that which is normal expected of them. To do this, you simply begin a swing...
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    Any reason not to use shields?

    I prefer when choices exist meaningfully. As it stands now, I cannot figure out for the life of me why I wouldnt use a shield if one was available. This feels like a weakness of the game. Am I wrong here? Is there some use to a pure one-handed weapon? There certainly are many possibilities...
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    Movement Possiblities

    Right now, combat is a finesse game. Real combat has this be much the same way, and this mirrors it fairly well. Except that the granularity precision you get in this combat is roughly at the level of being incredibly drunk. Skill matters you say? Sure! The swordfight between two wasted master...


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