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  1. The Urban Spaceman

    Sending private messages?

    I can't work out how to send a PM lol. Am I missing something?!
  2. The Urban Spaceman

    Potential for poll rigging?

    I was looking at the dwarfism poll results & found myself so strong in my opinion that I could almost see myself creating a bunch of fake accounts to sway the vote. Of course I wouldn't actually do it but that desire got me thinking. Is there anything in place to prevent fake accounts from...
  3. The Urban Spaceman

    Forum moderation

    So far these forums have been very clean & friendly & focused on the reason we are all here. Sui Generis! There are however no mods present at present. As the profile of SG & MBG rises it will of course lead to many many more people in the forums & this brings with it a burden that is too much...
  4. The Urban Spaceman

    What is 'low fantasy' exactly?

    I keep coming across this term but it's one I'm not familiar with. Sui Generis features magic & fantasy creatures so where do you draw the line? Apparently potions with magical properties is over the line but I don't understand the logic. Can anyone give examples of other games that could be...


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