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    Insufficient privileges of a new members

    Hello, a friend of mine registered here, but seems like he has not enough privileges to post. How to grant him the access?
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    I LOVE this game

    Hello, Exanima is one of the best video games I played in my whole life. I play games since 96 year (twenty years!) and not many games have given me that feel. Usually I don't play undone games, but I passed the story mode few times, however, levels before the portal a bit dull. Exanima makes an...
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    [REQUEST] Make screenshot button

    Hello, I request "Make screenshot" function in Exanima. Usually, it placed at F12.
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    Need more media!

    Hello, I really like these pre-renders that come with every patch. But... I am missing content from the media section of the site. Latest screenshots from the section are about 3 years old! I think that a bunch of new screenshots with some hints from Exanima or even Sui Generis won't do bad.
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    Probably unimportant hardware issue, but...

    Hello, I want to report a strange thing: every time I go the manager screen or any other screen like I uploaded - my rig starts to make noise - a whistling sound, it's hard drive or video card, I can't say exactly. The noise is hapenning every time I go those screens and only in Exanima...
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    A new system of interaction with physical objects

    Hello, I have a suggestion, I don't know if it was mentioned before or planned by the developers. Right now if you drag an object with the cursor, the object loses its physical properties. Flaws of the system are that: - you can't interact with large or heavy objects; - you have to carefully...


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