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  1. Ickorus

    Exanima OST Preview

    Term'd is incredible.
  2. Ickorus

    What Mod Would You Make?

    It's such a shame we can't see that beautiful sky so I'd do a third-person mode if I could.
  3. Ickorus

    I hope you all share the new public video to your friends ^^

    I all but forced my friends to watch it and the controls video yesterday, bugged them each hour and plan on doing the same tonight! They all seem rather intrigued by it and I'm hopeful at least one of them is going to add to Bare Mettle's coffers.
  4. Ickorus

    Everyone around here is so nice :D

    If I'm reading this right, will this mean all contributors get access? I'd like to see that, it really feels like a community on this forum and it would be nice to keep that somewhat intact. Maybe we should get an animal astronaut sub-forum. :)
  5. Ickorus

    A Public Video

    I mostly suggest them because they have the largest subscriber count and a fairly good spread of interests due to the more generalized nature of their videos. Blegh, ever since his hissyfit over being banned for exploiting in Guild Wars 2 I haven't been able to stand the guy, I used to be in...
  6. Ickorus

    Dark Souls II announced; PC version confirmed

    VAC works by detecting cheats and then blanket banning the cheater from all VAC secured multiplayer servers in all games so whilst the cheater will still be able to play their games in single player and use unsecured servers they won't be able to bother legitimate players.
  7. Ickorus

    A Public Video

    Whilst it probably won't appeal to the mass market, I think the game could do very well among RPG fans, you need only look at the Demon's/Dark Souls to see where I'm coming from. I personally think when Alpha arrives you guys should send some copies to some niche and general Youtube gaming...
  8. Ickorus

    Can no longer download Dev videos

    Being the optimist that I am I'm kinda hoping it indicates a new dev video incoming. I'm probably kidding myself though.
  9. Ickorus


    I've subscribed to it but as Tom says, it is unlikely we'll see much activity there until Alpha or we get some public updates; perhaps the devs can give people a heads-up during such an update that the subreddit exists?
  10. Ickorus

    The little game that should!

    I was just about to post this myself, I can't back it due to financial issues but I hope it does well.
  11. Ickorus

    Just Saying hi...

    Hi Lathspell, I'm not a dev and I don't claim to be fully up to date on everything but here is what I know: We've been told that they want to have locational damage so a blow to the head might cause the character to lose focus (mana, sort of) or a punch to the gut could cause the player to...
  12. Ickorus

    Facts for the Devs

    I see why you'd say that but the ones I'm talking about are more along the lines of the German variant of rapiers and earlier rapiers before they were developed into thin, fast, thrusting weapons.
  13. Ickorus

    Facts for the Devs

    But Big Al down at the Winchester said so. Ok, I feel bad for making a reference that not everyone understood so some real info now (Remember, grain of salt with all this as I don't claim to be an expert, I just read a lot): - The Katana is not the ultimate sword, the reason it is seen as...
  14. Ickorus

    Facts for the Devs

    I can confirm this, I once fed a duck a lot of bread and he followed me through a tunnel quacking for more. OT: Dogs can't look up.
  15. Ickorus

    Quest Items

    Ok so we know the game is going to have quests in it which implies that it will have certain items specific to that quest, we also know that quests will be non-linear so those items could go to different people depending on how you want to influence events. What I'd like to know is will these...
  16. Ickorus


    I'm not bothered by it but I don't think they plan on having full nudity in the game because it isn't really necessary and could bump the age rating of the game up meaning a smaller audience. If it was up to me I would let players take underwear off in-game but have a censor appear when such...
  17. Ickorus

    Quest Logs

    From what I know of the game a more traditional style of quest log* would be fairly difficult to make due to the vast number of variables involved so I'm wondering how and even IF a quest log is going to be implemented at all. If there are no plans for a quest log in the game I would suggest...
  18. Ickorus

    Divinty: Original Sin KICKSTARTER

    It looks like a game I could really get into, I just backed it a minute ago. I don't normally go for turn based but something seemed a little different in this game and all the other aspects of the game pushed me over the edge anyways.
  19. Ickorus

    Astronaut avatars?!

    It's.. It's beautiful..
  20. Ickorus

    Camelot Unchained Kickstarter

    I'm not sold on it yet but it's definitely something I'll keep an eye on.


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