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  1. Scarecrow

    Town of Salem

    You guys should check out Town of Salem if you are bored. Its a fun little browser game where 15 players take on different roles in a town, and try to find out who among them are Mafia, Murderer and who are Innocent. A game about deception and deduction skills that can provide quite a few...
  2. Scarecrow

    Dark Souls story in 5 minutes

    Just thought I should post this hillarious video here, cus I know a lot of you guys like Dark Souls. Worst part is, it's actually a good summary of the story. Who would've thought.
  3. Scarecrow

    ASUS G73JH Audio and system lag

    Now i know this isn't a PC or technical forum, but I've notcied that there are several here that has good insight in computers. I decided to give it a go here to try and get some help, if anyone has any ideas. Now, onto my problem. For about 7-8 months I've been having some pretty frustrating...
  4. Scarecrow

    Otherworldly metals and materials

    We know already that Sui Generis will feature different types of metals and material for weapons and armor, and that they will also differ in quality. What i wonder is whether we will see other types of metals and material, besides the traditional once such as iron and steel? I'm not expecting...
  5. Scarecrow

    Making people surrender

    Will this be possible? If you engage in combat with someone, and you totally kick his ass, will you be able to scream at him to lay down his arms and surrender? Or even before the combat starts? In Skyrim for example, the enemies would often get knocked down after a while, even saying i submit...
  6. Scarecrow

    Happy birthday Leonid!

    Just looked on "Members" and noticed that its one of the devs, namely Leonid's birthday! Happy birthday! May they make a birthday cake for you in Sui Generis!
  7. Scarecrow

    Dark Souls: Prepare to die edition 75% off

    Just thought i'd let you people know, that i just noticed Dark Souls on a pretty awesome sale on Steam. If you do not already own Dark Souls, then be sure to check this beauty out. And if you do own it, but not on the PC, then you should go ahead and get it as well. It does supposedly look a lot...
  8. Scarecrow

    Can no longer download Dev videos

    Recently i formatted my computer, so i decided that i should download the dev videos again. However, when i try to download any of them a window saying "Firefox can't find the server at..." appears. I've tried all the different videos. I'm having a similar problem when using Google chrome...
  9. Scarecrow

    Random advertising?

    So im getting these random advertises whenever i go on the Sui Generis forum. Just wondered if anyone else sees this too, or if its something I've done? Not a big deal, just wanted to clarify.
  10. Scarecrow

    Thaumaturgic Collision

    I'm not sure this is something that has ever been discussed. I wonder if different thaumatrugic powers can collide with each other, and make a resulting effect by it. Say two thaumaturges of equal power level uses force push towards one another. Will that result in a force "explosion" that...
  11. Scarecrow

    Daemons, Demons and Dragons... And the likes of it

    So, we already know that Sui Generis will feature big ogres, different races, undead etc. What i wonder is whether the game will feature especially deadly creatures like Demons, Dragons, Behemoths or anything similar, and if the Sui Generis community would like this or not. I think that with the...
  12. Scarecrow

    Games with great stories

    So, no too much going on on the forums lately, so i figured i'd post something here in the off-topic section. I'm looking for games with great stories, that offers a deep and unique experience. Haven't been able to find a good game in quite some time, but i'd like to have something to play at...
  13. Scarecrow

    Can i still pledge via PayPal?

    I am wondering if one can still pledge via PayPal and thus get a hold of all the cool pledger stuff? By that i mean the game itself, Beta, Alpha and possibly even the awesome exclusive development videos. Am a bit late with the whole pledgeing thingy, but i find myself finally in a financially...
  14. Scarecrow

    Will the blocking system be fully automated?

    So first of all i am super excited about this game, and i love the realistic go at an RPG. It seems they want to make the game challenging, which is good (For me atleast). However, from what i understood through watching the videos, blocking will be automated? Does this mean we only have to...


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