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  1. Parco

    Streamer on twitch plays exanima using his feets and a xbox controller quite impressive i think.
  2. Parco

    Its that time of the year again

    Merry christmas guys, eat loads of food, dont exercise and become fat :p on the topic of christmas food, what do you guys eat? my family have salted lamb ribs with potatoes.
  3. Parco

    Dayz Standalone

    ITS OUT :eek::eek::eek::eek: It came out on steam just minutes ago so go grab a copy and crash their servers :p
  4. Parco

    Kickstarter: LUCI™ Advanced Lucid Dream Inducer its only a few days left before the kickstarter ends and youll get it for half price if its bought from KS, its 150$ there and it will be sold for 300$ after the KS, so if you ever wanted to toss fire balls or split...
  5. Parco

    About to do a big mistake, buying new gaming computer :D

    its not like my old computer stopped working or anything but it definitely have dropped alot in performance forcing me to play most games on low/medium graphics. it also starting having problems running multiple programs, just having chrome up while playing dayz or league of legends makes the...
  6. Parco

    Custom emotes

    I got the idea when i was thinking about how role playing would be in this game, if we had a way to create our own animations/emotes it would serve quite well in role plays. I don't know how hard it would be to make but what if how you made new emotes is similar to how you play in toribash? you...
  7. Parco

    Weapons and Armors

    A thread in the insider forum became a little unserious when some of us posted pictures of armor and weapons we liked, so im making a new thread just for that. so if there is any weapons or armors you think might fit in SG, or just think it looks cool you can share it here.
  8. Parco


    WHY havent i found this game before now? Found the game 3 days ago, I have always been a fan of fighting games that allows me to do alot of different moves and techniques, which is why i been a long time fan of Little Fighter 2 where one can easly mod whatever moves and skills one want. But in...
  9. Parco

    After the game ended

    This might be "a little" too soon to discuss and might have been mentioned before and i simply failed to read those posts because of my natural laziness, but what do you guys "think will"/"want to" happen after you finished the game? In many games the only way to keep playing with the same...
  10. Parco

    I know you prayed for this too

  11. Parco

    Die by the sword

    This game reminded me of an old game i used to play long ago, Die by the sword: Limb from limb. the unique thing about that old game is how freely you can control your weapon, you move it with simply by moving your mouse, and the faster you swing the sword the more dmg it deals, can even cut of...
  12. Parco

    Alpha and beta access

    i've just donated 40£ and simply cant wait to try out the game, but at the Late Backer contributions page it stands: "Early alpha and beta access will be provided at dates TBC." What does TBC mean?


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