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  1. Parco

    Cruel Instaban without any notice

    Well the message from the bot is also the notice from a mod since we gotta write the the reason ourselves in the bot. And his reasoning for the ban was I had already told you to quit nazi imagery, but you were chatting quite a lot when you got back and still had the image of josef mengele, an ss...
  2. Parco

    Can you unban in discord pls or at least tell me why i was banned

    Also, change your profile picture, i can understand if its just a joke/being edgy, but we prefer avoiding political content, and if members are having ideological extremist pfp's (even as a joke) it often becomes very bad press once media gets wind of it and looking for a scoop. so please change...
  3. Parco

    Can you unban in discord pls or at least tell me why i was banned

    As far as i can tell you're not banned on the discord server, as you do not show up in the ban list, and no where in the mod chat was it mentioned you were being banned and we always note who gets warnings, kicks or bans. So if you are unable to join the server then it is most likely one of 3...
  4. Parco

    Any Plans for Releasing a Level Editor/Scenerio Maker/Dev Tools?

    A level editor/modding support is something that is planned (though not a guarantee), but if it comes it wont be released until after the game is finished.
  5. Parco

    bann appeal

    Went and checked the log for that day, 2 people were banned and only one was not given a reason with the bot, but added as text on the side, so i guess you're The_Guy_with_a_shitty_mic? The reason hope had written on the side was: General trolling, causing far too many problems in #exanima chat...
  6. Parco

    (BUG) Crash Upon Startup

    That sucks, there generally shouldn't be any problems to roll back drivers to older versions also you can find the error log fire at %appdata%/exanima in the exanima.txt file
  7. Parco

    Proctor's Abilities

    The proctor might get some potential with thaumaturgy in the future, but if so then its nowhere near the potential the unknown has for it. As for skill the proctor starts with some more skills than unknown if you don't already have some global experience to gain a few starting skills.
  8. Parco

    Question about the Steam page

    it was mentioned here and zeth mentioned it here But as for that they were gonna start the work on implementing it...
  9. Parco

    Question about the Steam page

    Because the game is still in development and multiplayer has so far gotten a lower priority that other things. But nowadays multiplayer is much higher on the to-do list, they actually plan to start looking into its implementation after the next update.
  10. Parco

    I am sad

    Welcome to the forums. The combat is indeed great, it was the first thing that caught my eye back early in 2013 when i first started following this project and been in love with it since. I do wonder what you mean its loosing its relevance and uniqueness? Is there other games doing things that...
  11. Parco

    Feedback (1/3): Bugs and Unintended(?) features

    Yea one can avoid combating the golems most of the area, and one can avoid combat with the blademasters too. But some areas you can't access without triggering the golems, and once triggered you risk others randomly activating too and golems are generally much stronger and faster than the...
  12. Parco

    Feedback (1/3): Bugs and Unintended(?) features

    Thanks for the feedback. These are known issues, but i guess the devs just haven't gotten around to fixing them as other things are higher on the to-do list. Some things here though are actually more intended. That some of them seem broken/unfunctional at the start of the level is intentional...
  13. Parco

    Further Support for Bare Mettle

    The donation option was removed after Exanima was released on steam along with the insider rewards. You could always buy the game multiple times at the store page if you want to support the devs further, then you'd get game keys you can gift away in return, supporting them monetarily as well as...
  14. Parco

    Exanima 0.8

    I advice to start a new character. I don't know how thaumaturgy would work on an excising character, but even if it'd work you'd have almost no thaumaturgy abilities that late in the game, starting over would let you train up quite a lot of thaum abilities until you get to the point where you...
  15. Parco

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    The usefulness of your companions depends on which companions you select, some are really effective and can be the main damage dealers even in the new maps. Swapping shield skills for thaumaturgy can be a valid way for survival, can mask your mind, force push opponents away, teleport to a safe...
  16. Parco

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    They put a cap on skills to make builds more diverse, so you can't just get good at everything.
  17. Parco

    Can't Drag Items to Inventory or Character

    that is weird then. then i dunno what it can be, leave your specs/system info here and hopefully might be some help for the devs to figure out
  18. Parco

    Can't Drag Items to Inventory or Character

    But in those games such an issue with a double clicking mouse wouldn't be an issue, would it? And those games are games you spam lmb a lot in, so could have worn down already despite only being a year old. Try two things, first when you start the game try clicking on your character once, if you...
  19. Parco

    Can't Drag Items to Inventory or Character

    Sounds like a hardware issue with your mouse itself, not the software, had that too with an old mouse of mine when it became too worn out. One simple click pops up the description box, but holding down the mouse button is dragging it, if you try doing a single click and drag but it pops up the...
  20. Parco

    Frequency of Updates

    SG preorders hasn't been purchasable since Exanima was publicly released on steam, so you'll most likely have to wait until SG is publicly released


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