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  1. lvk

    Exanima gaining traction!

    It looks like gaming news websites are starting to pick up on the Exanima greenlight: Comments seem pretty positive so far!
  2. lvk

    SG Giveaway/Contest - Take part in the rewrite of RPG history!

    The contest is officially over! While there's no official announcement yet, there's a thread in GD now, so it's hard to avoid. Please stand by while some messages are being sent around to take care of things! The first prelude alpha is drawing near! However, as it doesn't accurately represent...
  3. lvk

    Got a 3DS and live in the NA region?

    (edit) Code has been taken! Be sure to check out Mighty No. 9 on their official website if you're a fan of the classic Mega Man games and the Mega Man X series - it's designed by the man who brought you the original Mega Man, Keiji Inafune! Then you might be in luck! As a Kickstarter backer of...
  4. lvk

    Interesting album on soldiers' inventories from 1066-2014 Now I can't check it for accuracy myself, but I thought they were nice pictures worth sharing, as you can see all kinds of equipment individually. It appeared on Buzzfeed about 2-3 days after it appeared on most other websites, though it was properly sourced for...
  5. lvk

    What makes a thaumaturge?

    As @fluffydino2000 recently mentioned what can be found on the About page regarding thaumaturgy, from what we can gather it seems to be a latent power of the mind that only thaumaturges can really tap into. The power can be strengthened through absorption from others - fluffydino2000 speculated...
  6. lvk

    Sui Generis unofficial IRC channel!

    If anyone wants to talk SG, #suigeneris on is now a thing! I'm not sure how many people actually use IRC, but it's worth a try. If you don't have a client, there's always web-based ones. If you're already familiar with IRC but don't have time to hang around, I set up a VPS...
  7. lvk

    A picture of a guinea pig in scale-mail armor

    Some people have seen it already without a doubt, but I don't want to keep it from the people that haven't up until today, myself included. Whenever I see a picture of non-RPG armor these days, SG's the first thing that comes to mind. That's solid marketing! The source of the image is an...
  8. lvk

    Sui Generis Satellite in Kerbal Space Program

    Unique in its kind! In honor of SG, I've launched a Sui Generis logo-shaped satellite into Kerbin orbit. Here's the logo again if you missed it (it's also on the forums frontpage, lower right): The first step was making the actual satellite. After a good 45 minutes of placing struts, it...
  9. lvk

    Early Kickstarter prototype reappreciation

    With the Combat Alpha's release, I couldn't help but share my excitement with a friend, and in order to fully explain what the game was about, I thought it'd be better to show the Kickstarter pitch video first, as it explains the core mechanics and design philosophies better than I can. I...
  10. lvk

    Improved sounds in the combat alpha confirmed

    Something Bare Mettle has mentioned yesterday on their pre-alpha gameplay video, but not yet shared on the forums, I'm reposting it here for everyone who missed it.
  11. lvk

    Get Hype Giveaway - Win insider forum access (or more!)

    Congratulations to Zantite and XxBoDxX! The remainder of the post is kept below.
  12. lvk

    Bare Mettle: what's useful to discuss?

    Sui Generis appears to be worked on in a systematic manner, where large chunks of the game's framework are being finished before the minor details and the polish (with the exception of the next update Kieran mentioned). In terms of development, especially with the large, new and most importantly...


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