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  1. burgzaza

    The Arena Challenges !

    Hello Exanimates, what about some arenas challenges ? Many rules could be established, and anyone is welcome to start a new challenge whenever he wants, it can overlap the older ongoing ones. Try to think about something diferent enough from the aready listed challenges. Let's Go ! List of...
  2. burgzaza

    Throwing ?

    I wish I recorded it... I was in a tense duel in the tavern arena. A lucky swing ripped on a table and hit a plate, witch hit the opponent in the chest with some nice power ! The guy actually grumbled a decent "ougnf" ! So he most likely took a bit of damage. I wasn't aware that items other...
  3. burgzaza

    The upcoming Outdoor Arena

    Can't wait to see the sunlight shine on armors and blades ! I wonder if it's meant to be the next level of the current arena, with better foes to duel with, or if it will be it's own arena mode. Some more possibilities would be wonderful ! I'd really love something like a customizable...
  4. burgzaza

    Next in video games ?

    That would fit for a lot of genre of games for sure ! Rolling a big snowball into a band of foes, creating an avalanche maybe ? Would play again ^^
  5. burgzaza

    Melee Battlegrounds

    Found this very promising game ( a bit too mutch perhaps ), willing to be the successor of the CRP mod of Mount and Blade. Looks cool ! =) Currently on kickstarter, and not doing incredibly well untill now.. kickstarter : kickstarter official website :
  6. burgzaza

    Historical landing of Philae !

    Hey guys, you might not know, but Philae is about to land on the comet Tchuryumov-Gerasimenko ! Direct live from the ESA : Go go Philae ! :D
  7. burgzaza

    Nuclear Throne

    Hey ! For some time now I play a nice action/rogue like game called Nuclear Throne. Still in development. But already really good ! Your purpose is to reach the Throne, and fight all the mutants in each level ( I never pass level 5... ) Randomly generated levels. Many...


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