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  1. Dorag

    Just finished Exanima, my input.

    Well hello :) I've been following the game since the Kickstarter and *ALWAYS* had it at the back of my mind, just waiting for the day it comes out. I thought it was time to try the prelude and I did, it is everything I expected, but you should still read on if you're interested in my feedback...
  2. Dorag

    Posting Weekly Updates

    Lets jump straight to the point, I'm talking to you, BM devs, directly. We're all aware that: Publishing an imperfect video to the public has negative impact Some content has to remain secluded to the Insider Forum for the people who contributed You want to remain in that private section, as...
  3. Dorag

    I am the 1000th Message

    Muwhahaha //Edit// Just to make sure you got it.. This message is literally the 1000th message in off-topic.
  4. Dorag

    A Public Video

    Hello BareMettle, I'm sure that we all know the true helpers to the cause and the ones who made it happen are the insiders, but, you mustn't forget there's a whole public community of people expecting the game, discussing it suggesting about it and keeping the general community alive. Without...
  5. Dorag

    Left hand wielding

    If there's one thing this game could have that other games don't have with such a dynamic system, is left hand wielding as in two handed sword held by left-handed character, shield in right hand and sword in left hand. With such a dynamic game this is possible The question Will you...
  6. Dorag

    Talking about your Kickstarter

    ---------------- Preface ------------------- Hello Baremettle, please read through this as I've put some good information here to help you all. I'd like to contribute my small part with these really easy steps on how to pass on your views and concepts clearly to the backers in a next...


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