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  1. Fawz

    A silly physics based game while you wait for SG

    Found this silly physics based party fighting game. It's nice quick fun and there's a free demo/prototype you can download. There's not much in terms of features or content, but it's still loads of fun with friends. Here's a link to the demo build...
  2. Fawz

    Sui Generis Wiki

    I looked through the forums and found no mention of it so I figured I would share the fact that there is a Sui Generis Wiki up (through the Gamepedia Curse Network). I have no idea who set-it up, but it's really neat to see. For now the Wiki is a little barren of information but there's some...
  3. Fawz

    In regards to game difficulty

    Game difficulty is something every game has to deal with and I feel that most of the time it isn't being done right and treated as something where not too much focus should be put. I figured I would share some of my thoughts on how to properly integrate different difficulty settings in the game...


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