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  1. Rod_Lightning

    Exanima 0.8.4

    Very nice! Been away from this forum for years but my excitement has been renewed :D
  2. Rod_Lightning


    Backing this project ended when Exanima went on sale so yes you'll have to wait for a release most likely.
  3. Rod_Lightning

    Arena AI cooperation?

    I'd like some Abe Escape style communication. "Hello! Hello.... Follow me......Okay.... Wait....Okay..." And then you know they all jump into the portal so they get rekt by sir in level 3.
  4. Rod_Lightning


    Play with the graphics settings also. My GPU does this very slightly when I have everything on highest settings. I turn supersampling down a notch and it's gone.
  5. Rod_Lightning

    I honestly regret buying this game...

    Yes, it will take a couple of days. You can always ask @Brendan about this. I know in the past there's been some delays in getting the steam key but Brendan usually sorts it out as soon as he can.
  6. Rod_Lightning

    I honestly regret buying this game...

    If you'd purchased the game through this site you'd get a direct (DRM free) download from Baremettle and a steam key. It's the reason I hold off on some GoG titles since they have to update the patches themselves on their site which always take some days if not weeks. :/
  7. Rod_Lightning


    And ranged combat!!
  8. Rod_Lightning

    [REQUEST] Make screenshot button

    Yeah, come on guys don't shoot stuff like this down like that. It's a reasonable request. @Qazlal The devs are more likely than not very very busy adding features, levels and making the game itself. Maybe this feature will be added later down the line seeing how it really isn't a priority at...
  9. Rod_Lightning

    Need more media!

    Witness me!
  10. Rod_Lightning

    Kickstarter Update & Sui Generis

    That may be the case but it certainly wouldn't hurt to relay some info to the kickstarter page.
  11. Rod_Lightning

    An update coming soon (possible spoilers)?

    Ah yes, the much requested ceiling feature..
  12. Rod_Lightning

    Free game in steam for limited time

  13. Rod_Lightning

    Formation and Movement

    Yeah some Mount and Blade-like commands could prove useful. I have no idea how larger team based fights would go in the game..
  14. Rod_Lightning

    New AI

    I imagine when ranged combat and magic are a thing that will alleviate some of these issues. But I do agree with you. You can't perform a running attack or anything so catching them can be a bitch.
  15. Rod_Lightning

    What are you playing?

    Banner Saga 2 and CKII + mods atm. Banner Saga rocks!
  16. Rod_Lightning

    What are you playing?

    That's asshole devs for ya :P
  17. Rod_Lightning

    Items in inventory appearing as black boxes

    This guy streaming on twitch is experiencing this issue currently. Re-installing the game didn't help he says. *shrug* EDIT: Should've put this under the bug thread obviously. Forgive me.


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