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  1. The Witcher

    Things we saw at the Sui Generis gameplay that arent in exanima

    Why are there pretty much finished stuff in the sui generis gameplay that dont appear in exanima like Skeletons breaking to pieces 2:27 and also the magic spells you can see in the gameplay why arent those added already in the game i mean 6 years passed you can copy paste it i believe
  2. The Witcher

    Finally Killed Sir and Won exanima and my thoughts on it

    i just ended exanima i backed before 1 year but never wanted to play anything else other than arena cause i hate dungeons still got some things to search on level 4 but the game feels like it has a amazing story which you dont even know it you can only read the papers to find it. it was amazing...
  3. The Witcher

    Pugilism how to win

    The best way i found so far to win pugilism matches is to stay crouched the whole fight the enemy hits over your head and rarely hits you on the head but you can score some good hits
  4. The Witcher


    Why not imploment spears and short pikes now that we have thrusting?
  5. The Witcher

    Arena Doubles

    im missing something because i cant do arena doubles it doesnt let me to put both my characters in the thing it lets me only 1/2
  6. The Witcher

    New Arena Weapon bug

    i started of with a cleaver won some games and then i bought a hand saw gone to my character manage and putted it in my inventory still i didnt start with the weapon in any match i was starting unarmed
  7. The Witcher

    In game music

    Can someone to send me links from the music in game please if you can
  8. The Witcher

    About shields

    at the moment the bigger the shield the better the starting shield [Bucket top] is one of the best shields because its big and it covers you alot so some people asked for shields to break.It was very very rare for shields to break on a battlefield even if they were made out of cheap materials so...
  9. The Witcher

    [Suggestion]impossible arena

    at the moment we have normal and expert arena modes what about a new one impossible or whatever name y would like impossible arena would be heavy armor fighting all your oponents with plate and some other good armors from the normal game and at the end Sir as a boss
  10. The Witcher

    CPU problems

    i havent managed to play the story because of pc using a lot of cpu and when it does that it only happens in the normal game not arena everything is starting to go in slow motion and then in faster speeds i know that has to do with my cpu but can you to make the game use less cpu power ? please
  11. The Witcher

    dual wielding

    in the trailers you can see dual wielding is it going to be implomented into the game?
  12. The Witcher

    Enemy got stuck on the wall

    i was fighting on the arena and the guy i was fighting started teleporting around and got stuck inside a wall xD
  13. The Witcher

    About the third person camera

    Guys just thing of your character in sui generis walking in a forest you will see only the top of the trees and not even your character


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