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  1. Peasant135

    [BUG] Switching companion weapons while in combat.

    I believe this bug happens under the following conditions: if you remove the weapon from Derrin's hands while he's aggro'ed he will try to switch to his other equipment slot. If you manually press the button for that slot in his inventory before he finishes his animation the game crashes without...
  2. Peasant135

    Exanima Lore Thread

    I feel stupid for not noticing until now but oh well, let me post my thoughts anyway: There are two types of undead enemies on lvl 6: skeletons and those preserved zombies(Ancient Undead as Madoc calls them). When we find that guy with the mask, the scroll on the table mentions "them" raiding...
  3. Peasant135

    The Fan Art Thread!

  4. Peasant135

    How can I make the game look like this?

    Go to your Users/%USERNAME%/AppData/Roaming/Exanima folder, open Exanima.ini in text editor, change TextureDetail to 0 and lower(yes I said lower, you can put -1, -2 e.t.) see if that gives the result you want.
  5. Peasant135


    Look on reddit.
  6. Peasant135

    Exanima Lore Thread

    I'll leave it here: ... I've discussed the matter with some of the other fans and I've changed my mind: the person we are following into the Underworld is not Thaven. Suprised? Me too. The writers like to throw red herrings, often mentioning his name, but between all the scrolls we see the only...
  7. Peasant135

    Signature Moves and Personal Finishers

    My fighting style usually involves a 1h sword and a buckler. It involves a lot of flanking moves to get around the enemies block. I'm trying to develop perfect control of the distance and height of my attacks in order to hit specific weak point of different enemies. Alternatively I prefer the...
  8. Peasant135

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Try using Bandicam. Its free and only places a non intrusive watermark on your videos. There are already given presets for making Youtube videos. If 720p slows your computer down just select 480p, it'll still be watchable. And limit your FPS to 30 to remove slowdowns.
  9. Peasant135

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    *Sad Ogreing.
  10. Peasant135

    Any news when the next update will drop?

    Then who was the phone?
  11. Peasant135

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Btw, @Syllabear3 why do I see the scrolls on your sceenshots glowing? I've noticed it some time ago.
  12. Peasant135

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Shhh....its all over now...
  13. Peasant135

    Repairing armor and armor usage.

    @Roryn Also, when the stealth mechanics are gonna be introduced, the player will have to take off steel armor to reduce the amount of noise they make. Possibly even leather ones(creaking). @Orlacktherof Which is kinda wierd because IRL the plate armour suit would be both more protective and less...
  14. Peasant135

    Repairing armor and armor usage.

    I can only post what the devs said last time they were asked the same thing:
  15. Peasant135

    If you want to know more about XA development come join us at Discord server...

    If you want to know more about XA development come join us at Discord server:
  16. Peasant135

    Exanima 0.6 Released

    As impressive as is it to observe your rethoric skills, I fear you're wasting your time. Obviously he has made up his mind about the matter. I can only humbly suggest to arrange your answers into F.A.Q section of this site to prevent further... misunderstandings.
  17. Peasant135

    Invulnerable shield-wielding arm

    If it makes Syllabear3 mad I'm all for it. :D Pls do not remove shields.
  18. Peasant135

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Although its gonna be a virtually insta-kill, so no "merely a flesh wound" nonsense like some other video games.


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