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  1. Snoopbear

    Happy Holiday!

    Whether it'd be Christmas, Yule, Kwanza, Hanukah or which ever one you celebrate! And here is to a year with hopefully more than one update! Cheers guys! Ghanks for the great community!
  2. Snoopbear


    I was wondering about something. How does an individual go about obtaining Insider status or insider information, game builds etc. I've searched the forum, but to no avail. It has yielded non of the answers I desire. TELL ME! *Shakes fist at the heavens* (disclaimer: I'm trying to be funny...
  3. Snoopbear

    Weapons getting stuck.

    Okay. So here is an Idea: What if Weapons could get stuck. Lets say an opponent has a wooden shield and you smack that shield really hard with an axe. Realistically That axe will probably get stuck. If done right maybe you could pull the shield from the enemy or get your axe free. I do...
  4. Snoopbear

    New Game+

    What if there was a "New Game +" function beyond just the "Global XP". You have found a cool weapon that you'd like to use, but it is simply too useless against the armored opponents Which you face at this point in the game, Now you drag the weapon around even though you are never gonna use it...
  5. Snoopbear

    So I just discovered the broom in the arena

    Couldn't find anything about it here on the forum, It has quite low damage but is really fun to use. You can find it by the side of the fireplace in the hub. close to the I feel like I did a discovery, but I'm not sure. What do you guys think? Should be right here:
  6. Snoopbear

    Suggestion for Alternative victory to death/blacking out.

    What if there was an amount of damage that would make opponents fall to the ground grabbing their wounds, screaming, possibly bleeding out. Or when in a fist fight there would be a chance they wouldn't get knocked out, but grab their faces while rolling from side to side. The first Assassin's...
  7. Snoopbear

    Forum confusion

    Okay hi, I'm not super new, but I have mostly been lurking here rather than posting. Recently I have noticed a lot of threads in "General" such as Mens-health and optimal-nuitrition... Basically Ad like spam. And I was wondering are they spam or the forums way of having ads that Ad blocker cant...


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