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    Coffee Diary 3/2/20

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    Believable RPGs

    Yes i don't know what to think with this trialer, the ending is :confused:
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    Believable RPGs I agree with this article and think the only RPG in development with similar ideas to gothic is Sui Generis, maybe the new Piranha Bites Game "Elex". Have anyone played a game with the "feel" of gothic series?
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    IRC chat

    Is there any sui generis discord channel? i use a lot discord too its great
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    New Arena (v Beta)

    I dont like forcefields ... :(
  7. Huatim

    Exanima Beta - Blood!

    Sometimes I dream playing with a friend in lan, the main game or the arena... when will my dreams become reality? I am sure the devs play multiplayer all days:D:D:p
  8. Huatim

    Exanima Beta - Blood!

    This game is getting f**** amazing. Great job devs... I ill show the game to some friends today, i am spreading the word since the kickstarter but soon it will be trivial, because the game is solid and groundbreaking as hell and will break in the media webs of vgames like a rocket!
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    Exanima 0.4.1 Released and Greenlight Progress
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    Update #28: Update #28

    GREAT AS ALWAYS!!!! :)
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    A Quick Update

    Great, you have my love on this guys :) My friends and I are very excited. PD: ¿What BareMettle really means?
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    Eve Online

    I am playing rithg now send me a PM if you want a 21 day trial ;)
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    Contributionsd page info The Sui Generis prelude has a planned release date of May 2014. 2 months earlier alpha version? It's sure? :) Sui Generis has a release date TBC. Ouch "We're going to take our first and only holiday over Christmas to visit friends and family and we plan to release an...
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    New Public Video

    Great! Next video more shadowss ;^) great everything!
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    Sui Generis and Real Life

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    Development Update #2

  17. Huatim

    Development Update Impressions

    Great forum :)
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    Development update #1

    I want a video :) in 1080p plz(when it's possible). I don't want to say the number of times i saw the other 3 videos! I'm addict!
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    A plea for a good or no tutorial.

    I love vampire too!


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