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  1. Rod_Lightning

    Items in inventory appearing as black boxes

    This guy streaming on twitch is experiencing this issue currently. Re-installing the game didn't help he says. *shrug* EDIT: Should've put this under the bug thread obviously. Forgive me.
  2. Rod_Lightning

    Old forgotten French castle reclaimed by nature

  3. Rod_Lightning

    Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord at Gamescom

    Can't wait, mang...
  4. Rod_Lightning

    Batman: Arkham Knight

    AKA why do I even buy AAA games?
  5. Rod_Lightning

    Local music thread!

    Post some of your hometown/regional musical heroes. These Belgian guys are headlining our youthhouse's festival (which happens every 5 years) this year. They're pretty freaking great to have :D
  6. Rod_Lightning

    Don't Starve together

    Anyone up for some Don't Starve Together. I have the entire week off (since there's no work to be done at my job) and Don't Starve Together openend up and I'm looking to play for a bit. Steam name is 'rodlightning'. Starving alone is less fun than starving together.
  7. Rod_Lightning

    King of Dragon Pass

    Anyone ever played this game (aka the best game ever?). It has a sequel (of sorts) coming called Six Ages. King of Dragon pass is absolutely baller but since it's from 1999 there a loooot of room for improvement. I have very high hopes...
  8. Rod_Lightning

    The grand inventory thread

    What do you guys love and hate the most about the current inventory system? Obviously it's still a WIP with weight and encumbrance being implemented in the future (or so I think) but let's start a small discussion. The number one complaint people have atm is the inventory becoming cluttered...
  9. Rod_Lightning

    Second level exploit

    If enough doors are opened a lot of guys will come in...I noticed two undead walking along and I had the 2h greatsword so I had reach on them...This is what happened. They'll come after you when you enter combat but they just stand in front of the counter unable to do anything. Overhanded...
  10. Rod_Lightning

    Steam Charts

    This site allow you to monitor (kinda) what's being played on Steam! Naturally we wanna know how Exanima is doing so here's the link:
  11. Rod_Lightning

    A stream having fun discovering Exanima

    The stream in question: Fun times! Apart from the siliness of it all they all seem impressed :)
  12. Rod_Lightning

    Larian CEO talks business at GDC (game development)

    Sven Vincke from Larian studios in an hour long GDC talk about Original Sin and what lead up to its success...It's very interesting to say the least. A lot of business talk.
  13. Rod_Lightning

    Shovel Knight: Sales Breakdown Replace "Shovel Knight" with "Sui Generis" and replace the art with Sui Generis concept art! I feel like upgrading my pledge now..
  14. Rod_Lightning

    My face when..

    Sui Generis gains one backer a day versus Star Citizen gaining 5,000-10,000 a day.
  15. Rod_Lightning

    The best thing ever in the history of everything

    I present to you; The best thing ever in the history of everything
  16. Rod_Lightning

    Fallout 1, 2 & tactics are free on GOG Too bad the entire internet is there and the servers are being overwhelmed...
  17. Rod_Lightning

    Buying a monitor!

    I'm buying/building a new computer in a couple of weeks and I'm going to buy a monitor too, obviously. I know NOTHING about monitors.. What kind of monitor would you recommend? What are the details that I should pay attention to and what brand is your favourite? I'm probably going to spend 250...
  18. Rod_Lightning

    Fantasy book thread!

    I was just wondering if anyone here ever read the triology "The Deed of Paksenarrion" (Sheepfarmer's Daughter, Divided Allegiance and Oath of Gold). I just completed it and sort of loved it, lol. The 3 books were published roughly 30 years ago and I just ordered the sequels which were published...
  19. Rod_Lightning

    TUN: Choice and Conqesuence

    Very interesting little video about th history of C&C (kinda) and the two ways devs have been implementing it over the last few decades. It also discusses how to do it right in a game.
  20. Rod_Lightning

    Where is my update (don't take this too seriously lol)

    This song pretty much sums up this forum ^^ <3 all you guys yes, even you.


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