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  1. Bullethead

    Crash on save load, after a equip bug

    Are you sure those aren't keys from that Harry Potter movie?
  2. Bullethead

    so the... Troll

    If we assume that Sir eats meat and isn't too particular about where it comes from, then perhaps it might be possible to use dead zombies against him. Drag him a dead zombie and see if he'll eat it instead of you. If so, drag him a few more until he comes to trust you. Then either just walk...
  3. Bullethead

    Hard to be a God

    I really don't see any difference in people over time. While an individual person can be reasonable, honest, civilized, etc., people in general are now and have always been stupid, nasty, and barbarous, especially in large groups.
  4. Bullethead

    Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind.

    I look forward to the world being run by robots. They certainly can't make a worse mess of it than people already have :)
  5. Bullethead


    This is a good idea, especially because I've often wanted it myself in other games :). But seriously, this really fits the whole physically interactive world of Exanima. You should be able to mark the walls with your torch (soot stains), or smear some dirt or something. Not maybe to write...
  6. Bullethead

    so the... Troll

    If Sir isn't some evil spirit from another plane of existence, then he's an earthly biological animal with a digestive system that functions on similar lines to other animals. Therefore, there should be piles of Sir's poop in the corners of the room, containing whatever small, indigestible bits...
  7. Bullethead

    Alpha 0.6 Armor

    I think we're running into a language and translation issue when it comes to "weight" and "encumbrance". Or maybe it's just that both factors are so interrelated that it's hard to draw a line between them. So to try to clarify what I mean, I'll explain how I use the terms "weight" and...
  8. Bullethead

    Crash when I equip the torch

    I haven't had this problem in new games started after 0.6 came out. However, I also haven't unequipped and re-equipped the torch. I just pick it up at the very beginning of the game and keep it in my hand the whole time, using only 1-handed weapons without a shield.
  9. Bullethead

    (Bug) speedglitch

    LOL! Damn, that makes me wonder what they're putting in the water back there in the enemy dressing room. Really makes me wish I could open that door and see :)
  10. Bullethead

    Alpha 0.6 Armor

    Yeah, that's basically what I was saying. From what I can tell, you can have up to 4 main layers on your torso. Working outwards from your skin, they are occupied by the following types of items: Undergarment layer: cloth shirt, gambeson Tunic layer: all tunics Metal layer: Chain...
  11. Bullethead

    [Suggestion] Archery Mechanics

    Sorry, but it's a complex subject requiring a complex answer and there are no pictures I could find.
  12. Bullethead

    Anybody discovered how to savescum in 0.6 (in the name of cartographic science)?

    Even if you truly feel that way, I think it's against the spirit of the community to say such things in public :).
  13. Bullethead

    [Suggestion] Archery Mechanics

    It would be absurd if largely outdoor Sui Generis doesn't end up with archery. And I certainly hope SG lets you look up just to enjoy the sweeping vistas, besides this being useful for long-range shooting. But all that's a problem for another day. Exanima is a different animal. If you want...
  14. Bullethead

    [Suggestion] Archery Mechanics

    While I agree with the overall strategy you outline, I have to say that Exanima isn't bow territory. For starters, there's the 3rd person camera that keeps you from seeing all the way across even a pretty small room. This necessarily keeps the combat at very close range. That said, Exanima...
  15. Bullethead

    Alpha 0.6 Armor

    First off, nifty new quality modifiers. I started a new game this evening and found (as random chest loot) a "heavy waistcoat", something I'd never seen before. It's actually better in most regards than the leather vest you can find lying around on Level 1. And all sorts of other things...
  16. Bullethead

    New AI

    I find the new AI changes generally good. As in, I can go further with fewer fights, and the fights I have are more on my terms. To understand this, you need to know how things were for me before. Prior to 0.6, I was completely unable to pass by a zombie in a corridor, doorway, or any...
  17. Bullethead

    Exanima 0.6 Released

    Yay. Sounds great! Can't wait to get home and try it
  18. Bullethead

    If you're reading this, you obviously have too much time on your hands ;)

    If you're reading this, you obviously have too much time on your hands ;)
  19. Bullethead

    Exanima story

    My theory:
  20. Bullethead

    Real life whip-swords

    But it never caught on as a fashion statement back in the day. It might even be a modern BDSM thing ;).


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