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  1. Vold

    Lethis - Path of Progress

    It seems worth checking out.
  2. Vold

    Hannibal (TV Show) Anyone else watching that TV show?, it's pretty good. :3
  3. Vold my precious.

    We want to honor our master @ridikyuhlus, cus he's the best master in the world. Master ridikyuhlus's the bravest warrior, nothin' can stop him, he smashes enemieses with a big hammer and crushes 'em like insectses. Here We show his epic skillses in battle. He hacks n' slashes n' crushes the...
  4. Vold

    Basic Combat Tutorial

    Part 1: Part 2: Steam Guide (Video only). Since I'm not a native english speaker I decided to use loquendo to add a sexy female voice to it. :p I hope it helps the new players to understand the controls and get better in the game. I will also upload the .wav loquendo file so that you can...
  5. Vold

    Darkest Dungeon

    I've been checking the current steam early access games lately, and found out this one, it's a tactical dungeon crawler, with some intresting combat mechanics, and very unforgiving and fun. The art, music and dialogs are pretty good as well, it's very dark.
  6. Vold


    Fans of A song of fire and ice (and minecraft), check this out:
  7. Vold

    Game of Thrones Opening - Alternative version.

  8. Vold

    Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind.

    I found this in the BBC website today, it is from a month ago but very intresting. He said: "The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race". ...Bare Mettle, maybe you should consider lowering the standards on which you are developing NPC's behaviour/AI...
  9. Vold

    Dungeon of the Endless

    I found this 2D Rogue-Like/Tactical-RPG, with castle defense mechanics, to play in my old Laptop; and I have had a lot of fun with it, it is really challenging and the replayability is pretty good.
  10. Vold

    "Obstructive/Competitive questing" on LAN-MP, possible?

    Recently, after reading the Development Update#2 and knowing that LAN multiplayer is planned; I've realized about something that I think would be very intresting and I have not seen in other games, although I am not entirely certain if the game will allow it: Since the story will be dynamic...
  11. Vold

    Officially addicted.

    I have been playing video games since I got my first 286, since then I have seen how they have evolved, RPGs specially, my favourite genre. I can remember a lot of RPGs that have attracted my attention, in a lesser extent games that have captivated me, making me play more than what I should...
  12. Vold

    Combat - Question: Weapon parts & damage.

    Does the damage dealt by a weapon vary depending on the part that hits the target? (e.g: when you swing a standard 2h axe and hit a target with the head (head of the axe), the damage should be higher than if you hit the target with the haft; also the haft should not deal slashing damage).


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