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  1. Lathspell

    Possible bug since last update all arena fights in the same place

    As the title says, in arena mode there are 3 possible locations for fights the tabern, dungeon like room and the circle got updated a while ago and now every fight has been only in the tabern room, is this intended?
  2. Lathspell

    things that I've been asking myself so far

    I learned the hard way that your character can be killed (for good) in arena losing all my progress when you face an oponent with any edged weapon without the proper armor...that's somewhat unforgiving...I don't know you guys but is it possible to add a "recovery" character option, like an old...
  3. Lathspell

    Pillars of eternity (Formerly Project Eternity) GAMEPLAY teaser

    I don't know if anyone already saw this video, but anyway I leave it here just because it looks like ultra great :eek:, thats my opinion. leave your thoughts on what you see here... later
  4. Lathspell

    Anyone tried STASIS??

    wandering around I found this game, graphics looks like cool...story seems to be pretty cool too reminds me the beginning of fallout 1 it doesnt have much fighting though, but still seems a pretty interesting game
  5. Lathspell

    What do you feel or think about The elder scrolls going online?

    just bored and while I'm watching grass growing, came that question to my head, Actually don't like the idea, games like TES should stay single player to enjoy the storyline even if the storyline is crap like MMORPG everyone goes crazy in leveling up and getting items for...
  6. Lathspell

    maybe a cool feature?

    what about clashing swords in combat? I think that would make combat even better and more exciting, I don't know maybe it's possible maybe as a skill or as an event triggered in specific events in a fight., with comparing certain caracteristics like, level, stats, stamina, quality of the weapon...
  7. Lathspell

    saluting with sword?

    maybe someone remembers Lord of the ring movies...well I was watching the fellowship of the rings and in the scene when the nazgul pierce frodo with the sword, all nazgul guys drew their swords and they put them in front of their gorgeous void faces, making like a cross, someone knows if that...
  8. Lathspell

    Just Saying hi...

    Hi... well, I lied, because it wasn't just for saying Hi but to say Congratulations on a great development and hardworking that you are doing...and BTW where can I do questions? because I have some, and maybe some ideas... anyway I'll ask here if it's in the wrong section just tell me first...


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