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  1. Orlacktherof

    SOLVED [Game Breaking] GPU not recognized

    so I've been having this issue where my GPU, an AMD Radeon 275x, is not recognized by the game. This means the game ends up relying on the intel hd graphics processor which does not work for the lighting and other functions on the game often causing errors. I haven't much investigated this...
  2. Orlacktherof

    Set Pieces/Landmarks

    Is Exanima going to be getting any sort of set pieces or interesting landmarks/architecture that could be recognized as significant from the game?
  3. Orlacktherof

    Wrong image for items

    The items for the new classes seem to have the wrong images when inspecting their stats.
  4. Orlacktherof

    How to lose

    the game.
  5. Orlacktherof


    *shitpost* *insert shitpost* [shitpost intensifies] /shitpost [shitposting loudly]
  6. Orlacktherof

    Orlack's complete(or lack thereof) guide to armour

    After reading enough threads on the forums of people wanting to know about how armour works, or what doesn't. I think it's time I started a guide about armour. No pictures for now.(Am require assistance in getting all pictures**) List of all pieces of armour/clothing: Head/caps: Leather...
  7. Orlacktherof

    Strong box turning keys into objects

    I encountered this bug randomly while playing. I open my strongbox, only to find there is now a desk, some object or gear has replaced one of my keys. I always seem to see the desk first though. I've not lost any key until after I've unlocked all doors, but that may just be coincidence. I...
  8. Orlacktherof

    New weapons suggestions and ideas thread

    After enough playing of Exanima, you will of had encountered every weapon and probably used every weapon. Even more playing and you'll start getting quite competent at using them. And then I get bored of how generic the weapons are. Mostly just your average knight weaponry and so on. With the...
  9. Orlacktherof

    Coffee or Tea?

    Tea here, you?
  10. Orlacktherof

    Weird kill situations.

    So, if anyone remembers that time I was talking about getting stuck in a door, I said a way to escape was to get your feet planted somewhere to "stand up" This happened, he got shoved out the the door onto the grate. and I clipped to the top of the door where I had my feet on the frame to...
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  12. Orlacktherof

    Linus Fredrick's Lair? (lore spoilers)

    While you guys have been perfecting your combat, I've been reading lore. Here's what I got. So, All of us that have beaten level one have read "The Life of Linus Fredrick" by now, yes? The powerful Thaturmage turned Necromancer. He seems to be hell bent on making his family live once again...
  13. Orlacktherof

    Trapdoor bridge area is missing lever

    Help. edit: you can't even run off the edge with any momentum...
  14. Orlacktherof

    Stuck in doors

    So, sometimes while combating enemies, I try to attack through a door being sightly open, or try to close a door on someone right on my ass. But it seems that sometimes you can get stuck in the door if you're pushing against it to try to prevent someone outside to get in or someone pushes the...
  15. Orlacktherof

    What starting colour shirt do you wear?(POLL)

    How many different colours of shirts are there anyways?
  16. Orlacktherof

    Climbing over walls.

    So, for the sake of bug testing and other things, I spent about 3 hours... trying to climb over walls. Bloody hell was that a terrible ordeal. So, things I discovered and learned. Climbing: There are risks to this, You can stab yourself with your weapon, take fall damage or just die instantly...
  17. Orlacktherof

    Is the Dungeon really a dungeon?

    So, I've played the game for quite a while now, and I'm starting to wonder if this dungeon truly is a dungeon. It's dark and has prison cells on level 1-2. That all we really have for the dungeon part. The rest of the castle seems to be a hospital/asylum/ward and general living quarters. The...
  18. Orlacktherof

    Dead or dying games

    So what games do you love that have no more community, being shutdown, or are just dying off? Battlefield: Heroes, DICE's failed F2P stolen by EAzy will be gone by the 14th.
  19. Orlacktherof

    Profile pictures Thread

    So, where'd you get yours? Mine are all from the dying Battlefield: Heroes(dead by the July 14th)
  20. Orlacktherof

    What is an insider?

    Just wondering.


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