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  1. konggary

    We were all learners once... aka. Post Your n00b Mistakes

    In one of the earlier levels, the area with the hundred chairs in the room, I had forgotten to close the door. Whilst I was dueling the resident guy in there, one... then two... then three more undead barged into the room. Naturally, I began to run into the small closet to the side of the room...
  2. konggary

    Any news when the next update will drop?

    ©®™ Soon ®©™
  3. konggary


    Oh heh. I made a post on this topic in may.
  4. konggary

    Exanima - SG crossover!

    The devs have already alluded to us forum-dwellers a few times, I would be surprised if they didn't do something like that in SG.
  5. konggary

    RE: Madoc's request about the journal

    Off-topic I know, but this peeved me for some reason.
  6. konggary


    Well if you want realism: We have no idea what the lanterns are, so the amount of light they emit is up to the devs. The torch is pretty true-to-life, torches don't emit a whole ton of light. This is underground, so pitch black is expected. Besides all that, the darkness in Lv1-2 is a big part...
  7. konggary

    Add jumping

    Arbitrary 'hop 4 inches straight up' button? Eh 'Jump and twirl to eviscerate your opponent' button? Eh 'Lunge' or 'Throw weight in direction' or 'Tackle' button while sprinting or in combat? That's more like it. A tackle actually has use for pursuing the pesky runners, and lunging or...
  8. konggary

    Guard stances.

    My problem with these proposed additional stances is that they don't seem to fit the core gameplay as it is now. I don't think the current combat is fluid enough to handle these stances, since these stances would require entirely new movesets for attacking with the mouse, etc. Currently there's...
  9. konggary

    to all advertisement spammers ...

    They're bots you dingus They really act like non-humans, that's all I can say
  10. konggary


    A tab-wheel for learned stances would be great, but I can't think of too many weapons with multiple movesets... The Mordschlag stance wouldn't be too hard to put in, I think- just have to move the model and set it to a low-quality hammer moveset
  11. konggary


    Just one programmer: Madoc
  12. konggary

    Exanima Lore Thread

    The is located in level 3 Location: [/spoiler][/spoiler]
  13. konggary

    Wrong image for items

    I see nothing wrong
  14. konggary


    So I noticed that the character will half-sword while stabbing with the 2-hander swords, and this is great This technique is used to make the stab more powerful, useful against armored opponents. I was wondering if there would be some way to implement Mordschlag, or Murder Strike as an...
  15. konggary

    Crazy idea for Exanima.

    A respawn system, with penalties for death.
  16. konggary

    Stabs seem good

    A distinct lack of parries from the knight
  17. konggary

    things that I've been asking myself so far

    1: Stabs are aimed based on your mouse position, you could use this to your advantage: Or you could crouch (default C) to go for the legs
  18. konggary

    Exanima Soundtrack Thread

    I can't decide if I like the old soundtrack for the beginning of the game or the new one The old one gives a good "on-edge" atmosphere, but the new one is nicely subtle and has some interesting flavors of dread.
  19. konggary

    Crazy idea for Exanima.

    Different parts of the same timeline, illogical. Now some continuity would be cool- visiting the Ex. dungeon, seeing either A. the things you've done in an Exanima save, or B. some default scenario where a fictitious Ex. character went through the dungeon. A. seems very difficult to pull off...


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