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  1. Deityfierezy

    "Must have" clothing and armor thread.

    And I want a whip, to go and kill some vampires. Pls add "weapons" to the title. :Trust:
  2. Deityfierezy

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Maybe in a future we will see something like that en exanima.
  3. Deityfierezy

    Golem Boss. Suggest your name.

    More like Mecha Lord
  4. Deityfierezy

    Arena AI cooperation?

    It would be nice to change it in game with some comands like mount and blade, I think it would be useful for Sui Generis and the campaign of Exanima, but maybe is way too much complicated and just talking to the npc would be enough. Sorry for my english
  5. Deityfierezy

    Decrypting the map in level 2

    It seems that the map that is at level 2 has textures of higher resolution, so I leave an image for you to see it and make your thoughts: This is the image without any edits And the attached one is with my own thoughts
  6. Deityfierezy

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    The Phantom Axe
  7. Deityfierezy


    rigth now in the banners of the new map, I think in the future in cloaks. sorry for my english
  8. Deityfierezy

    New mode for the arena campaign

    With the new terrain system I was thinking how cool would be to see some lava in a cave, and then It came to mind a new "sub" mode for the arena, called fight to the death, and you fighting in a iron bridge up of a river of lava (this can vary, with another dangerous place where you can get...
  9. Deityfierezy

    Exanima Lore Thread

    if it was that I wont be here, but why did you say that? for the jojokes? sorry then, and sorry for my english
  10. Deityfierezy


    I was playng a little bit in the new map, in elimination, sometimes when I respawn my character fall to the floor or the NPC controled by the AI. Sorry for my english.
  11. Deityfierezy

    sui generis campaign editor

    if you have a doubt like the one in the top you can go to this post: sorry for my english.
  12. Deityfierezy

    Is it intended?

    Ok, thanks, now can I stay calm. sorry for my english.
  13. Deityfierezy

    Is it intended?

    Wath about this? the greenish hut and fence maybe is my pc?
  14. Deityfierezy

    Press TAB multiple times for different combat stances

    if im sincere i think anithing of this thread isnt needed, if you want to be more defensive, play more defensive, if you want to be more offensive be more offensive, etc. sorry for my english.
  15. Deityfierezy

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    It look so good, im afraid of the performance in my old andloyal pc. someway to look to the sky? sorry for my english, keep the good work team
  16. Deityfierezy

    Press TAB multiple times for different combat stances

    Maybe a witcher 1 style with zxc? Z strong enemies and attack X fast enemies and attack C various enemies idk
  17. Deityfierezy

    Outdoor Arena Beta Test Footage

    nice, i would like to see the sky, btw thats is the bso of rhe map? interesting
  18. Deityfierezy

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    from an older version where it was more easy to reach that place. sorry for my english.
  19. Deityfierezy

    How to recharge crystals (SPOILER).

    im want to play the game so bad, but im waiting the update.
  20. Deityfierezy

    How to recharge crystals (SPOILER).

    for the armor or the weapon? but dont last very long


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