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  1. Jacob Jones

    unable to load body model

    So I have been having a weird issue. After playing the DRM free version game for countless hours, I added the game to my steam library and installed. Three weird things happened. Weird ting the first: This was a shockingly quick download. I clicked play, and the game just launched instead...
  2. Jacob Jones

    Overhead swings: are they what they are all cracked up to be ?

    Ah yes.. the almighty technique used in mortal combat: the overhead swing of doom which delivers them to the quiet dark, the eternal slumber, the silent void, to the place where the light just don't shine... Yes, this is how I die in expert arena. Now I understand that a dramatic move like this...
  3. Jacob Jones

    Red Letters bug

    Okay so to start off, I couldn't find a general bug reporting thread, so I hope this is in an appropriate spot, and that someone sees it. When I run the game from my laptop, which is running windows 10 (the issue existed on 8.1 as well) the opening screen with the Bare Mettle letters flickers...


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