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  1. Solinarius


    This forum is a lot less entertaining since they went extinct. I wonder how Midcal feels about this.
  2. Solinarius

    Game Over.

    You can resurrect in Sui Generis, but this doesn't mean that you are undefeatable, right? That would go against one of BM's omnipotent axioms. Therefore, the main plot should eventually reach some kind of critical finality, yes? Perhaps that stage somehow disrupts your ability to resurrect or...
  3. Solinarius

    A 'simple' A.I. improvement

    Every time you land a strike on someone, they always immediately retaliate. This behavior has bothered me since discovering it because I can easily abuse its predictability and there's nothing the A.I. can do when I find a rhythm of unblockable strikes. They very badly need a transition other...
  4. Solinarius

    Locked door in floor 2's war room

    I just wanted to know if there are more than three keys on floor 2. The three I found on that floor don't work for the locked door in the war room (room with map).
  5. Solinarius


    I like the addition because I enjoy writing and could always use practice. However, if my character dies, won't all the entries I've made be lost? Even if they aren't lost, it would be nice for the entries to be placed in a file in a non-compiled format, which I can backup or replace at a whim...
  6. Solinarius

    Concerning the Pure Mage

    From what I can gather about thaumaturgy, it seems that one may always need a melee or ranged weapon, at least for quite a while. Will thaumaturgy ever be practical/powerful enough to replace all other combat forms for one that is committed to it? Food for thought: I played a well done (if...
  7. Solinarius

    Artisan Skills?

    I haven't much of an idea on the scope of Sui Generis, but I noticed there were no craftsmanship skills in the planned section. Is there a definite "no" regarding crafting? Is Sui Generis more about action than it is survival or simulation in an open-world/sandbox? Throw me a bone because I'm...
  8. Solinarius

    Early Feedback

    My specs: AMD A8-4500M APU @ 1.9(2.8)Ghz Radeon HD 7640g (512Mb) 6Gb DDR3 1600 5400RPM HDD With my laptop, the game runs reliably--in the dungeon--when I cap the frames to 30. I wouldn't normally do this but my modest processor isn't quite fast enough for the demanding physics calculations. At...


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