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  1. Arson

    Coffee Diary 15/11/21

    Also I want to remind to add ability to choose arena map to fight, for wooden outdoor sand arena being too badly optimized, and which is generated more often than other maps.
  2. Arson

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    landsknecht inspired medieval flamboyant clothing.
  3. Arson

    Map selection, battle mechanics

    ____Arena map with overworld wooden arena with sand and rocks is very poorly optimized, and rendering there is so bad, that I have to fight in 0.25x-0.5x slow motion. So I wanted to note, that it would be good option to add choice of map to fight. I have issue with only one map, others are...
  4. Arson

    Coffee Diary 5/7/21

    Is there any plans for halfswording as alternative grip mode?
  5. Arson

    Arena is pointless?

    Speaking of what is the point for current version, fundamentally is a grinding out your best outfit of your life in the shop, as well as enjoying the very sensation of combat, the way it was made makes it somewhat non repetitive. Also sharping your skills and finding non obvious ways of...
  6. Arson

    This game is a design mess

    Well, it all boils down to an agreement/disagreement. The main flaw of the initial post was implying the standard, or as we say in Russia GOST (Governmental Standart), for games. The "RealGameDeveloper" has personal preferences in games, which he applies to a game, as best design choices, and...


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